Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Baku

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Baku

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Baku

Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan, offers a fascinating soviet legacy. Perched on the coast of the Caspian Sea and is divided into 3 major divisions from the fountain square to the flame towers, the district is packed with gob-smacking attractions! There are plenty of things to do in Baku, as the city is capable of keeping you busy till all day long. Behind the grey buildings and oversized boulevards, Tashkent has a life of its own. At the center of the city lies the Old City, UNESCO World Heritage site. Surrounding this capsule are rock mansions and top notch hotels. This blend of new and old works effortlessly and that's pretty much how the city of Baku can be described!

Best places for accommodation for a tourist in Baku are:

1. Old town or the Icheri Sheher

The Icheri Sheher is the old core of Baku district. Built on a hill and fortified in the 12th century, the ancient district as an open museum. In the district is one of the very important attractions of Baku, the Maiden Tower. The UNESCO listed attraction dates back to more than 1000 years and is believed to have served as a Zoroastrian temple before turning into a watchtower in the 18th century. For the breathtaking views of the city, climb the spiral staircase to the top. Also, the Palace of the Shirvan Shahs along with the ancient historic mosques is one of the best highlights of the city! The 15thcentury UNESCO listed palace had been the place of the ruling dynasty for 800 years. The complex has a palace, mosques, burial vaults and a mausoleum, making the complex one of the top attractions in Baku! Walk through Icheri Sheher, and follow the crooked streets through alleys and steep hills. Inside these, vendors sell traditional carpets and streets are lined up with restaurants and cafes. Also, the district is ones of the best areas to live in Baku because of the accommodation options that it offers.

2. Sabayil

The Sabayil district is located to the south of Icheri Sheher and covers the historical regions around the Baku Bay. Featuring a truly fascinating story, one of the many attractions of the district is the Sabayil Castle, which was erected in Baku Bay. A very strong earthquake caused the seabed to drop, due to which the castle sank. The castle reappeared in the 18th century when the sea receded. Archeologists in the 21st century discovered numerous tunnels branching from Icheri Sheher, which they believe leads to the castle. Could there be anything more intriguing than this?!! Another attraction is the Flame Towers, the tallest of all the three towers that is 182 meters high. From a distance, the trio resembles flames and at night it even gets better as the exterior lights up in the colors of fire. Also, the Fountain Square is a must see Baku attraction. The square is filled up with dozens of beautiful fountains and a treat to eyes. Also, you will find several bars and cafes and restaurants surrounding the square as well. One of the very best attractions in this district is the Baku Boulevard, a 3.5 km promenade that has the Caspian Sea with an amusement park along with a cacti garden, and the Baku eye. The Boulevard is a place where you can spend many hours looking at the attractions or just sitting back and relaxing. Lastly, if you are in this district, make sure to hop on the Baku Funicular, which takes the passengers from Neftchilar Avenue to Martyrs alley. Views from the top are breathtaking and you can catch a sight of almost every skyscraper touching the horizon.

3. Baku White City

The Baku White city lies to the east of Baku and covers a comparatively smaller area. Nothing in this district is ordinary because of the stylish apartments that the district owns. This region is a redeveloped area of the Baku Black city. The promenade extends a few kilometers east of Baku Boulevard to the new neighborhood. Some of the attractions include a fountain garden, a Ferris wheel similar to the Baku eye, some shopping malls. This district has a very intriguing history and also is an artifact in its own way.

Baku can be described as an endless ride of ancient and modern attractions. So pack your bags and get there before this tourist spot turns into history itself!