Top 4 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Auckland

Top 4 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Auckland

Top 4 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Auckland

If you want a condensed explanation of Auckland, the best word describing the place would be MANNERLY. The only true metropolis in New Zealand, this vibrant city is oozing energy with an economic heart. Residing some of the world's finest collection of monuments, art galleries and museums along with a generous sprinkle of fine beaches and islands, to conclude the place to be an all rounder wouldn't be wrong. Though people who visit Auckland generally don't restrict themselves to this city, however, it forms a perfect place to base all your travels in the vicinity.

But to make your journey a success, one of the most elemental decisions is the accommodation you choose. Among the rainforests, thermal springs, sprawling parks and volcanic cones, here are the best neighbourhoods to find your place in:

1. Devonport

One of the southernmost points in the Northern Shore, Devonport is one of the oldest settlements in the city. Brimming with an elite Maori heritage, the place is a living example of an interesting maritime history. A simple stroll around the place will give you a chance to witness Victorian-style villas. Frilled with a lovely coastline along with a trove of architectural wonders, Devonport makes a perfect place to stay in the region. Only a 12 minutes harbour ride away from the central city, the place will also not present you with any problems in transportation. Replete with a collection of restaurants and cafes, this place is one of the best choices to live in Auckland.

2. Parnell

Counted as the oldest neighbourhood in the region, Parnell highly resembles to an old time village. Featuring upmarket boutiques, an enchanting rose garden and a generous sprinkle of awesome cafes, Parnell becomes an indelible choice to pick for an accommodation suburb. Home to the esteemed in the La Cigale French market every weekend, this place is famous among the natives for being a hip culture. For the people who want to take the centre stage in activity while still enjoying peace, Parnell serves as the right choice. A special mention for people who consider themselves to be foodie, Parnell is not one place you will regret being.

3. St. Helliers

If you had to describe this suburb in one word it would be 'Welcoming'. From the physical surrounding to the people in the region, the relaxed and friendly atmosphere is one of the most alluring features of St. Helliers. Featuring a beautiful beach, quirky collections of shops and dynamic places to eat, this neighbourhood in Auckland presents you the ideal kind of environment to take a roof. The place is also a delight for the nature enthusiasts as it offers wondrous views of the Rangitoto. A well connected neighbourhood, St. Helliers will give you a good base to start your exploration.

4. Grey Lynn

If art is what excites you, then Grey Lynn is the place to be. Located in the inner city, Grey Lynn working in contradiction to its name, is quiet a colourful town attracting an artsy crowd. The houses and villas in the region are quite popular for their standard of luxuries, and availability of facilities among the seasonal renters and families looking to settle. The place is a true testament to its community life; the purest form of living neighbourhood. Some of the major tourist attractions in the region include, Western Springs, Auckland Zoo and MOTAT, just a small drive away from the cozy neighbourhood.

A perfect place to set a base, Auckland is one city that’s gorgeous both inside and around. To make the trip a success, choose your lodging carefully in one of the neighbourhoods in the list above. Happy Travels!