Best Places to Stay in Athens

Best Places to Stay in Athens

Best Place to Stay in Athens

The largest city and the capital of Greece, Athens dominates the Attica regions and holds strong footing as the world's oldest cities. Present day watches this city as a global station and refuge for the history and art lovers. Dripping with historical significance, this place is the nerve centre of several museums and cultural institutions. The culmination of that along with the structural beauty makes you wonder how every second inch of the place can ooze off such beauty.

Planning a visit and need advice on the neighborhoods to choose for the same? Here are the top 3 places for accommodation for a tourist to choose from:

Plaka the best place to stay in Athens, Greece
1. Plaka

Found between Syntagma and Monastiraki, Plaka is oldest, extremely beautiful and picturesque neighborhood, still housing the neoclassical houses. An illustrious shopping hub, this place is the nucleus of small colloquial antique shops including, The Loom, Olive Tree, Canvas and much more. The ancient polestar of Athens, this is also the focus of many cultural sites such as Ancient Agora, the Tower of the Winds, the Temple of Zeus, the Acropolis and the Herodes Atticus. Accommodations in Plaka are worth considering for the confluence of history and amenities. Many hotels and resorts give people a tour into the past, but with modern amenities.

2. Thissio

A small settlement found in the south-western region of Monastiraki, Thissio takes the nomenclature after the ancient temple of Hephaestus. Close to the center of Athens, this place is widely famous for its plethora of trendy cafes and bars including Sin Athina, Arcadia, Namaste Indian, and Balcony Restaurant. One of the liveliest neighborhoods in Athens, Thissio displays a unique layout with many neoclassical buildings, many of which were converted into lodges and hotels offering an accumulated deal of amenities and beauty of nature in one irresistible package. You can locate a nice accommodation here suiting all budgets and pockets.

Thissio one of the best areas to stay in Athens, Greece
Monastiraki, most recommended place to stay in Athens Greece
3. Monastiraki

Situated west of Syntagma square, Monastiraki is an elegant and graceful neighborhood, easily accessible on foot or by metro. Holdingthe accolade as one of the most beautiful and picturesque neighborhoods of Athens, this district is replete with narrow streets and alleys crossing each other, occupied by numerous shops and street vendors. Monastiraki houses one of the widest range of antique shops selling bizarre and quirky artifacts. Good quality food and the open-air market are teh focal points of this neighbourhood, making a huge international draw. Posing as a good option for accommodation, this place offers budget accommodations for the travellers long with a bunch of hostels and couch surfing options for backpackers.

For the ultimate historians and Greece lovers, a visit to Athens is a no-brainer. Just make sure you plan a holiday long enough to let you marvel at our ancestors. Happy Travels!