Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Antalya

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Antalya

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Antalya

White sand beaches with turquoise waters and palm trees backed by the towering Bey Mountains, the gorgeous land of Antalya has something in its platter for everyone. With radical beaches sweeping you off your feet, museums that will hone your historical interests, colourful streets filled with restaurants, bars and clubs, art galleries, waterfalls, national parks, mosques and churches, the city is a bliss-bliss option for the do-it-all travellers. Its sand land pulls in hordes of artists who want to get lost in the exquisite sculptures. For family vacationers too, there is a lot to unwind; the city zoo is a perfect picnic spot for animal lovers, with a number of parks and well-manicured garden featuring a perfect respite from the travel lag. E-bikes render a great way to stroll in and around Antalya; Segway is cooler than walking and definitely more convenient!

Being a resort city, Antalya has more than thousands of properties to choose from. And with such a wide range of accommodation of all types from luxury to simply a place for backpackers, confusion becomes inevitable. However, we have eased down your research a bit, with these top 3 places for accommodation for a tourist in Antalya:

1. Kaleici

A walking distance from main attractions of the old town, Kaleici is rich in its character with narrow streets, classic houses and mansions which have turned into small boutique hotels. Stone cobbled roads that were primarily used for horses have been built at all the main touristy locations, thanks to their authentic, medieval charm. The neighbourhood is mostly pedestrianised with occasional vehicles passing through. You get to see many interesting shops, yachts and fish restaurants. For vegans, finding a suitable place to much could be a tough grind.

2. Lara

In close proximity to the Airport, Lara rules the land by having the most exquisite 5 to 7 star properties. To have the true holiday vibe and score amazing deals, make sure you book a place in Lara. Resorts in this part of the city boast a multifaceted character; they house all kinds of multicuisine restros, bars and nightclubs withing their premises, so that you may not have trouble finding the right sun-downers. The famous Lara beach can easily be reached by minibuses that run throughout the city. Over the recent years, the white sand beaches and crystal clear waters in this neighbourhood of Antalya have made it the most touristy district in the city.

3. Belek

Don’t be judgemental about this neighbourhood with the meagre number of resorts seen here; each one of the properties in Belek provides you everything you can ever hope to find in a resort! The area caters to water sport activities, world-class golf courses, health and fitness centres and sunbathing facilities, letting you indulge in extreme decadence while at the same time leaving you with empty pockets! You would want to stay here forever by the high kind of hospitality you get. For nature lovers and the ones travelling with kids, there is a Dolphinarium and bird-rich pine forests.

So get all set to soak in the authentic yet contemporary charm of the city of Antalya! Bon Voyage!