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Best Places To Stay In Amsterdam

Best areas to stay in Amsterdam:

European jewels like Amsterdam often make it tricky to choose the right accommodation, when there is so much to explore everywhere. It gets downright confusing to narrow down between the gorgeous canals, historic sights and museum while choosing where to stay in Amsterdam. So here is a breakdown of the top 3 places to stay in Amsterdam for tourists.

Dam Square the best place to stay in Amsterdam
1. Dam Square

Dam Square lies in the heart of City Centre, ringed by canals on all sides. The touristy Royal Palace is closely stationed too, besides popular shopping avenues of Kalverstraat and Nieuwendijk. For cheap thrills, try Waterlooplein’s flea market to shop some antiques and vintage clothes. To the east is the well-known Red Light District. Then there is the Old Church and lively restaurants of Chinatown. Central Station, connected directly to the Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport rests in the north of city centre, a 10 minute walk from Dam Square. Surprisingly, places to stay are darn cheap here, probably due to too much competition.

2. Vondelpark

To the south of Canal loop and west of the Museum Quartier is this verdant neighborhood of Vondelpark, the eyes and ears of Amsterdam. Away from the tourist bustle but in close proximity to it, you can relax with the locals in Vondelpark district. The lively nightlife district of Leidseplein is a short walk from here, as is the famous Museumplein. For designer shoppers, there are the elegant shopping avenues of Jacob Obrechtstraat and Cornelis Schyutstraat. Besides, a large number of cultural and sporting events are hosted by this district in Amsterdam. The neighboring Oud Zuid district is another very popular place to stay in Amsterdam, where large mansions have been converted into fancy hotels and hostels.

Vondelpark one of the best neighbourhoods in amsterdam for accommodation
Jordaan, highly recommended place to stay in Amsterdam
3. Jordaan

Jordaan lies to the west of the city and canal loop. Earlier a neighborhood catering to the working classes, Jordaan got a facelift with a number of quirky shops, first-rate art galleries, trendy restaurants and bars lining up the main streets. The northern border of this area is a Second World War hideout, comprising of the Anne Frank’s House. The area is replete with authentic Dutch houses creating a beautiful atmosphere and an ideal place to stay in Amsterdam. Try the 9 Streets Shopping Area, just east to this area. Amsterdam being a bicycle friendly area makes commutation a lot easier for you.

Hotels and hostels are literally sprawled across the entire city of Amsterdam. It is an excellent pedestrian and bike friendly city with impeccable connectivity via public transportation. So getting from A to B is never a problem in Amsterdam!