Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Alexandria

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Alexandria

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Alexandria

Alexandria, or Alex simply put, is a beautiful port city along the Mediterranean and an excellent holiday location. Being the cultural and artistic center of Egypt, Alexandria is somewhat liberal compared to other Muslim cities. With a lot of old world monuments, cafes and restaurants, Alexandria surely takes you back in the ancient era.

So if you are seeking a vacation stay in Alexandria, try one of the top 3 places for accommodation for a tourist in Alexandria. From basic to luxury, this former Egyptian capital all kinds of pocket sizes.

1. Corniche

This extremely popular neighborhood in Alexandria rests along the Eastern Harbor and serves as an ideal place for a waterfront stroll. Many belle époque buildings are lined up on the main street, some housing heritage hotels and luxury brands. Popular tourist spots like the Cavafi Museum, Ramla Square, the Tahrir Liberation Square and the Roman Amphitheater are in close proximity to Corniche. Freshly caught seafood is served in umpteen seaside restaurants. Don’t miss out on an exotic Brazilian coffee and sheesha in some of the most wonderful cafes in Alexandria.

2. Montazah

Montazah is nestled right next to the Mediterranean waters, offering impeccable vistas from the lined up luxury hotels and resorts. For student travelers and backpackers, youth Hostels are the perfect option to save a few bucks. The famous Al Montazah Palace and the picturesque Royal Montazah Gardens, built a century ago, rest in this district in Alexandria. Other than that, the area hosts many exquisite ahwas (coffeehouses) and restaurants to stay up late. Being a little far from the main city center in Alexandria, first time travelers may restrain from the idea of staying here.

3. Downtown

The cosmopolitan vibe of Alexandria is fairly evident in the downtown area, with gorgeous Italianate buildings housing French cafes, Greek eateries and Armenian jewelers. The area rose from the rubble of city’s past, offering a couple of ancient and cultural sights of the city. Popular attractions like the Roman Theater and the Greco-Roman Museum are a walking distance from Downtown. If thinking to base yourself here, Downtown lets you take your pick from inexpensive budget stays to the affluent luxury brands.

Alexandria serves as an ideal weekend getaway for Egyptian vacationers seeking a respite from the summer heat. The city may seem a little harsh to budget travelers, since basic hotels are a little scarce here. However, those wanting to binge out can find many options to party and stay in Alexandria.