Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Akureyri

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Akureyri

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Akureyri

Situated in north-east Iceland, Akureyri is the second largest urban area outside the capital area of Reykjavik. Being a popular tourist destination both for short as well as long visits, the town offers a wide range of activities and interesting places including museums, the world's most northerly botanic garden, one of Iceland's most popular swimming facilities.

Akureyri trip is a great base camp for many of Iceland's most beautiful natural wonders, waterfalls, volcanic areas, and canyons and other activities such as rafting, hiking, caving, whale watching, and horseback riding. One of the major things to do in the town is taking a tour to see northern lights, a must do on every traveler’s list. So if you wish to unravel this side of Scandinavia, check out the best places to stay in Akureyri:

1. Old Town

The Old Town of Akureyri dates a hundred and fifty years back in time! The town is few minutes’ walk from the city center, and is a monument to Akureyri's culture and history. Many of the city's oldest houses, museums and cafes have been preserved, giving a chance to visitors to experience the town's rich history. The oldest standing building is Laxdalshuswas, built in 1795, and houses a restaurant and café that serves local dishes. Also the old town houses many museums with Museum of Akureyri being the major one. The museum is located in Akureyri's first villa with an extensive garden where forestry was initiated in 1899 and explains why the city is blessed with rich vegetation displaying art and photography work from historic times. Also, the city houses one of the Akureyri's landmarks, Nonnahus( Nonni House), the childhood home of Iceland Writer and Jesuit Priest Jon Sveinsson.

2. Town center

In Akureyri, one of the first things you are likely to experience is a stroll through the quaint Town Center. There you can get in a talk with the friendly locals and experience the real atmosphere of the town. One of the iconic attractions of the city is the Akureyri Church, a symbol of Akureyri. The building was constructed in 1940 and since then has been the biggest trademark symbol of the city. Also, the district houses one of the best attractions in the town, that is the Arctic Botanical Gardens, which were founded in 1912 and is one of the Akureyri's gems. The gardens are known for its extensive plant collection, covering almost every known species in Iceland as well as thousands from overseas as well. In summers, the gardens are an absolute riot of color. Once you are inside the garden, you will have a view of every type of plant growing in Iceland, with a total of 7500 local and foreign specimens. Beautiful paths lead the visitors around it and provide with wonderful vistas. The gardens are free to visit and a great plan for one of Iceland's sunnier days. Also, you can grab a bite at Café Bjork, a reasonably priced restaurant in the Garden. The center is a great area to shop, grab a bite at one of the many restaurants, or simply sit down for a cup of coffee at some of the cozy coffee houses of Akureyri.

3. The Great Outdoors

Akureyri is a great place for those who love outdoor activities. Those fond of hiking or cycling can enjoy Akureyri's many routes and paths. Glera River is a beautiful place for a walk and MT Sulur is excellent for hiking. And in winters, one of the best places in the country is Hlidarfjall, for skiing. Hlidarfjall, Akureyri's ski resort is open to 180 days every year, which is way more than the resorts near Reykjavik! Some slopes are up to 700 meters high, making for a great adventure, and all the new and improved ski lift makes the experience even better. The resort also hosts winter sports festivals, Iceland Winter Games and AK Extreme. The resort is arguably the best one in the country. Also strolling by the harbor, you will find another place called Kjarnaskogur forest, a place sure to leave you filled up with peace and serenity. Also, Akureyri is home to different geothermal swimming pools which are perfect for kids and great for getting up in the conversation for locals, in addition to which it’s possible to bath in hot tubs at several spas and gyms in town.

If you are a fan of adventures and scenery, Akureyri is for you!