Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Aizawl

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Aizawl

Top 3 Places for Accommodation for a Tourist in Aizawl

The city of Aizawl offers you spellbinding mornings and marvelous evenings. With wonderful pristine locations and lush green meadows, Aizawl is a great place to be on your Indian bucket list. Wrapped in a dramatic landscape and soothing climate, Aizawl travel itinerary is all things touristy and travel friendly!

The capital of Mizoram is located at an altitude of 3,500 feet above sea level. Being a destination of cultural extravaganza, Aizawl trip is extremely famous for its handicrafts. The town is blessed with exotic natural beauty and some architectural attractions as well. There are various attractions such as the State Museum, the KV Paradise, and Durtang hills that make the tourists explore the city more and more. Not just the city, but even the suburbs of its house some truly gob smacking sites. The hotels, restaurants, shopping complexes and nightlife of the city are also really tempting. Also, Aizawl travel is very well connected through roads, making it a convenient tourist spot in the north eastern India. So check out the best areas to stay in Aizawl:

1. Center town

In the center of the city is where you will find all the real action and all the hustle and bustle that keeps you on your toes. A very famous attraction in Aizawl is the Mizoram State Museum, which is located in the very heart of the city. The museum houses sites that reflect the cultural heritage of this place and the entire state. Built in 1977, the museum contains over 2500 items, each of which is an evidence of rich heritage and background of Mizoram. And not just this, an entire gallery is dedicated to the tribes of Mizoram. The artifacts in the museum stored include photographs, musical instruments, archeological objects, and natural historic specimens. The area is also home to Solomon's temple and the biggest church in Mizoram. The landscape, various sculptures and décor around the main building are pretty amazing. Another monument here is the Salvation Army Temple. The highlight of this one is its wonderful bell chimes that can be heard in throughout the city on quiet mornings. The area also houses a popular picnic spot, Berawtlang Tourist Complex, which hosts several ceremonial functions and cultural activities, and at the same time, serves as a recreational center. The city center and area surrounding it are ideal to stay in Aizawl with an infinite range of accommodation options.

2. Durtlang hills

Durtlang hills are located on the north side of Aizawl. The trail of rocky hills and peaks offers immensely breathtaking views of the whole city. The peaks of the Durtlang Hills are very popular for trekking, so those who enjoy a little bit adventure and adrenaline rush can climb up the hills. This trek is not a very easy one, but once when you climb up there, the panoramic views up there are just worth it! The phenomenal views of small houses and lush green spaces from a distance amidst the green beautiful forests are absolutely amazing! Those who are looking to choose a stay option would find a couple of options nearby. Also Durtlang hills are stationed nearby the city center, making a very convenient area to stay in Aizawl to be close to all the action of the city.

3. KV Paradise

KV Paradise is referred to as the modern Taj Mahal of Aizawl. It is a monument that speaks the story of a Man's love for his beloved wife who died in a car accident. The monument is a bit away from the city center and a few minutes away from Durtlang Hills. The monument is built upon a steep face of a hill. The white mausoleum against a blue sky looks like a mesmerizing site to watch. As you get there, you will find yourself in a spacious compound with a beautiful view of the city and the mountain ranges. Interior is small that leads to a third floor. On the ground floor, photos of the couple's wedding and a huge portrait of Varte are displayed. The second floor has a mirror framed almirah, which is filled with clothes worn by her before the accident. And the Third floor gives you a great view of the place as a whole. Neighborhood around this monument, also denoted by the same name, is a comfortable place to stay in Aizawl.

Adventure, love and colors of culture, the city of Aizawl just has it all!