Best Places to Stay in Adelaide

Best Places to Stay in Adelaide

Best Place to Stay in Adelaide

Adelaide, the capital of South Australia is a sophisticated yet vibrant city. Boasting a rich cultural heritage and a plenty of attractions for the history buffs, Adelaide travel is also a wonderful spot for gorgeous scenery with lots of natural beauty within the city itself. From botanical gardens to the most pristine beaches, this tourist spot in Australia does not fall short of attractions and activities to entertain its visitors all day long. Things to do in Adelaide render delicious and multi-cuisine restaurants, a bar culture and an excellent boutique shopping scene! So, if you are planning a trip to Adelaide, check out the best places to stay in Adelaide, South Australia:

1. City centre

The City Centre in Adelaide is where you find each and every important attraction of the city! This district in Adelaide includes the Art gallery of SA, the SA Museum, the State Library of SA and the University of Adelaide. The SA Museum is particularly noteworthy for containing the world's largest Australian collection, as well as a Mega fauna gallery dedicated to the new extinct giant animals of Australia. The ASGA is also very well known for its high- quality Australian art collection, both old and new. The ASGA also hosts international artworks including sculptures by Rodin and paintings by Goya. And if you are here with children, do not miss going to the Elder Park. With rotunda, paddle boats and Popoye, what's not to love here! With nearby cafes and plenty of grass hills, it's a perfect place to unwind. Another gem of this city includes the Adelaide Zoo, featuring everything from pandas to baby meerkats. One of the other best attractions of the district is the Adelaide Botanic gardens. The 51 hectare botanic garden was first opened in 1857, with designs having been influenced by the royal Gardens at Kew, England and Versailles, France. Beyond the appeal of the history and architecture, there is a splendid diversity of beautiful flora and fauna to enjoy. Also, just located on the outside of the Botanic Gardens is the National Wine Centre that hosts wine classes, events, wine dinners, and an incredible wine discovery journey . The city centre also hosts some of the best restaurants and cafes of the city, so if you are hungry and want to grab a meal, there are a number of options here!

2. North Adelaide

The north of Adelaide is lined by well to do streets with nice houses, nice cars, and nice families! In the north of Adelaide, you find plenty of things to attract you, from monuments to fun activities. One of the very best attractions of the city is the Water World aquatic centre, a perfect place to escape the heat of summers with multiple pools, a curly slide and water racing dips. Also in the north, you get the Cobber Creek Recreation Park, a 2.88 km natural reserve that has everything to satisfy an inquisitive mind whilst offering various historic sites, hiking trails and some incredible views. Another attraction in this area is the Wizbang Family Fun Centre, fun for people aged 5 to 99! The center is carnival themed, one that glows in the dark, and if you feel a little more active, go on the jungle laser skirmish. In the northern Adelaide, you will plenty of fun things to do which will boost your adrenaline right up! Also, the district doesn't lack behind in hosting some of the best top-notch restaurants and cafes of the town.

3. Glenelg Beach

Glenelg beach is one of the most popular Metropolitan beaches of the city. With characteristics such as white sandy beaches and crashing waves, the beach is also known for its shopping hub and restaurants. There are various attractions near the beach as well, with one of the best things being the Glenelg Visitor center. It has a museum with no entrance fee and features exhibitions that showcase history on the town and its heritage. And also is the Bay Discovery center, priding itself in detailing Glenelg's history in its museum. The Bay Discovery Center is the spot to know all about the south Australian heritage. Finally, for the Art enthusiasts, there is an Art Gallery that showcases an array of art from upcoming and award-winning art winning established artists.

Adelaide is an enchanting treasure in its own way! Tourist spots here may be more man-made than natural, and that’s this city greatest bliss!