Best Places to Party in Zurich

Best Places to Party in Zurich

Best Places To Party in Zurich

Efficiently run, culturally and historically vibrant and attractively placed, Zurich in all this has a lot running for it. Emerging as the most hip destination in the entirety of Europe, Zurich is counted as the largest and wealthiest metropolis of Switzerland. Complete with its post-industrial artsy edge, the place is epitomised in its exuberant summer Street Parade. Wholeheartedly embracing the contemporary trends, Zurich is witnessing the conversion of old factories and old waste lands into cultural and historical centres and more new living space.

But in a place so visibly alluring, is it possible to find the desirably post-dusk experience? Let's find out in our top 3 places to party in Zurich:

1. Niederdorf

Known as the lower village lying in the old town region on the Eastern side if Limmat River, Niederdorf, though often accounted as a village, is actually one of the most happening places in Zurich. Having teamed up with a number of restaurants, bars and pubs, the place is one of the few offering you a wide profusion of options to choose from. Another thing the place is famous for is the adult entertainment, especially known for its residence of the Härringstrasse sex workers. If you are on a couple trip, you can encounter some of the loveliest spots up the hills going towards Oberdorf. Sitting along the river, in one of the Limmatquai cafés, you can simply sit and observe Zurich pass you by. Some of the best bars in the region include Old Crow, Ebrietas, Blue Cherry, Eleven Bar and Baltho Küche & Bar. Some of the most famous clubs in this region in Zurich include Icon Club, Plaza Club and Privé Club.

2. Langstrasse

Literally meaning Long Street in English, Langstrasse is a place connecting the district number 4 and 5 through a tunnel going underneath the oceans. It stands as one of the top places to party in Zurich. Though it is still a common misconception among people that the place is an ugly, unpleasant and downtrodden area, Langstrasse has radically transformed over the past decade. Once having fame for being the best red-light district in Switzerland, the place has witnessed the transformation of a majority of strip-clubs into urban bars and nightclubs to entertain the young crowd of Zurich. Some of the most famous bars in the region include Longstreet, Bagatelle 93, Olé-Olé-Bar, Männerzone Bar, Vip Club, Bar Rossi, Les Garçons (Gay Bar), Dante, Mata Hari and Toro bar. The more alive with action places include Gonzo, Red Lips (Strip Club), Piranha, Kaiser Franz, Club Zukunft and Egoist Club.

3. Zürich West

Counted as one of the fastest growing districts in the region, Zurich west is the new hub of all the entertainment related activities. Especially known for the area around the Escher-Wyss-Platz, the district has been referred to as one of the city's entertainment districts with the mushrooming up of bars, pubs and restaurants. With the use of the waste lands and old factories to give a more vintage look to the new developments, this is one district in Zurich you will regret missing! Some of the best bars in the region include Nietturm, Aya Bar, IQ Bar, Raygrodski, Widder Bar & Kitchen, Hotel Rivington & Sons, Andorra, The International Beer Bar, Sphères bar buch & bühne and the Rimini Bar. If however, music is what appeases you, Pelikanbar im Kaufleuten, Mehrspur and Big Ben Westside have the best party scene in Zurich.

A place that offers you both visible and practical beauty, Zurich is one place that is demanding to be explored!

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