Best Places to Party in Zagreb

Best Places to Party in Zagreb

Best Places To Party in Zagreb

Zagreb, the thrilling capital of Croatia offers a vivacious urban life and a great atmosphere to party. It may not be high up the charts for travelers flowing across European capitals, but the diverse nightlife it offers from alternative, live music to insane DJ nights is truly unmatched.

So if you are a hardcore partier and seeking a perfect place to unfold the best night outs of your life, hit these 3 best places to party in Zagreb:

1. Tkalciceva Street

On the banks of Medvescak is the vibrat Tkalciceva Street that was once a hub for industrial activity and water mills. Cafes, restaurants and cinemas line this nightlife district in Zagreb, making it a hip promenade. Locals love Tkalca and flock everyday here for meetups, coffee and party. The whole aura of the place is vastly relaxed and vivid. From classy clubs to small, intimate bars- everything is in close proximity. 4 Kings Café Bar is a great corner place to begin your night, with their Happy Hours offering you really cheap prices. Melin, a cult spot boasts a rock character and faithful crowd.

2. Jarun Lake

Don't miss out on one of the party scenes in Zagreb which takes place at the is a 24-hour activity spot; jogging, swimming, sunbathing and skating in the daytime and a crazy party place after dusk. For the young travelers seeking a lot of noise and some action should move from the city centre towards Jarun Lake. Chic dive bars and nightclubs flood this area. Aquarius Club invites all the hip hop and drum & bass lovers besides the die-hard concert fans. Then there is Mansion Club for ostentatious parties and insane dance nights. Gallery club, another classy hideout brings to the floor local celebs and popular DJs to pose a luxurious atmosphere.

3. Bogoviceva

A multi-faceted shopping district in Zagreb that lets you splurge in the daytime and party at night. A ride in the funicular railway from the upper town brings you to this area, the Lower Town. This more contemporary district of the city is home to a peppy social life. Tesla Power House, a popular bar here offers mainstream choices of bottled beers, wine lists and an expansive cocktail menu. Bulldog Pub, an extremely adored place by locals and travelers alike, serves an ideal place to party in Zagreb.

Mostly, nightlife in Zagreb is relaxed; annoyed bouncers, watery cocktails and selective door policies have not yet made inroads into the scene here. Bars in Zagreb are in full swing from September through June. Don’t miss out on their local booze Medica or the stronger Rakia. Ozujsko and Tomislav are popular local beers here.