Top 3 Places to Party in Washington DC

Top 3 Places to Party in Washington DC

Top 3 Places to Party in Washington DC

It is downright annoying to miss out on something important in a city you are travelling to. Especially while visiting giants like Washington DC, one can easily find himself lost in the beautiful streets of countless neighbourhoods. With so much to unwind in one city, it becomes a task to choose where to spend time and what can be let go of. But when the question of after-sun activities arises, you can’t afford to be ignorant or less informed.

So whether you are a party enthusiast or wish your night to be spent in slow background tunes, we have the index of the top 3 places to party in Washington DC:

1. Logan Circle

The 14th Street NW is the eating drinking and shopping heart of the famous Logan Circle, making it, without any second thoughts, the best place for nightlife in Washington DC. Expanding in its northern end, the street has transformed over the last few years. Today, it witnesses a district housing dozens of popular bars and top DC restaurants for nearly every taste that has moved into the charming and historic buildings. For the beer enthusiasts, the best place to go is ChruchKey. If you want to give your palate an international flavour, Le Dimplomate is the place for you. And if wine is your calling, Barcelona is the unmatched spot. Not to mention El Centro for the best selection of tequila and margaritas in the city.

2. DuPont Circle

Considered as one of the most cosmopolitan neighbourhoods, DuPont Circle is the epicentre of dozens of trendy bars, cafés, and restaurants. Not surprisingly, this is the wealthier part of town, near most of the foreign embassies. A stroll down the roads in this neighbourhood will get your across hundreds of dog walkers and people doing yoga outside on a patch of grass within the circle. The concentration of the bars lies on P Street and Connecticut Avenue. The staple of the neighbourhood is The Front Page, an American-style bar and restaurant. Other good choices of waterholes include The Big Hunt, Bier Baron Tavern, Irish Whiskey Public House, and 18th Street Lounge.

3. U Street

A visit to DC without spending a night at the U Street would tag your vacay as incomplete. Find yourself in this neighbourhood after sun down and you will see plenty of partying, dancing, live music and flowing drinks. Counted as the best spots to drink in Washington DC, Marvin and Local 16 are two rooftop bars you simply can't afford to miss. Some other famous clubs in the area include Patty Patty Boom Boom, Solly’s U Street Tavern and Gibson.

So whether you crave for sophisticated cocktails, international flavours, colloquial watering holes or rooftop bars, a night spent in Washington will be spent well if you choose well.

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