Best Places to Party in Warsaw

Best Places to Party in Warsaw

Best Places to Party in Warsaw

Warsaw witnessed an explosion of bars and clubs in the recent years, meaning travelers can grab a beer or some boogie at any hour of the day (Or night!). In fact, the party fervor has become so deeply rooted that popular nightclubs would shut the door right in your face even on a Wednesday night! Gorgeous people, all-night parties, international DJs, excellent venues and an overflow of alcohol and rock’n’roll makes Warsaw the best place to party in Poland.

So as you junket your way across this part of Europe, spend the nights at the top 3 places to party in Warsaw:

1. Praga

To the eastern side of Warsaw, hugging the Vistula River is the gritty, hipster district of Praga. The imposing tower blocks and criminal underclass of this area kept the Westerners at bay for many years. But it now stands dignified after a revival of sorts, leaving a beautiful artsy underbelly and a wide variety of music to visitors’ probe. For those who find the cliché old town and city center distasteful, Praga is the ultimate mecca. The genuinely decrepit warehouses and abandoned factories have revamped themselves into lively nightclubs and bars, the most popular ones being Fabryka Trzciny, W Oparach Absurdu, Café Melon and Porto Praga.

2. Saska Kepa

For many years, this district of Warsaw was a major ‘no go’. But the past two decades gave Saska Kepa such a face-lift that it became an abode for the arts community, the nouveaux riche and intelligentsia! Under the shadow of The National Stadium, the area grew as a relentless sporting complex, giving way to millions of fans to party here. And with that sprung up umpteen trendy bars, cafes and nightclubs in the soon-to-be-called Little Village of Paris! But other than the ear-splitting nightclubs here, the neighborhood is a great place to simply wander around, watch people pass by and marvel at the architecture. Lizbonska Palace, Warsztat and Malinka are popular spots to party all night.

3. Mazowiecka Street

The most popular street in Warsaw has worked hard enough to earn this accolade. For clubbers, it is the ultimate scene, offering everything from Jazz to House to Techno. The sidewalk is replete with countless bars, with the Zoo, Mono Bar, Tygmont Jazz Club and Enklawa stealing the show for quite some time now. Lemon and Utopia are mostly packed to capacity with booty shakers, but for pub seekers, there’s little to offer!

After you are done with the high-class clubs, basement clubs with cheap thrills and live music cafes, catch accordion players humming at the Market Square. Warsaw’s central streets turn into a gigantic party square in the summer nights, bringing the whole city to the dance floor!