Best Places to Party in Vilnius

Best Places to Party in Vilnius

Best Places to Party in Vilnius

Despite the teeny size of a village, Vilnius is a heady mix of what seems like infinite cobbled streets, crumbling corners, breakaway states, traditional artists’ workshops and majestic hilltop views! Undeterred by the pain it suffered during Hitler times, the city stands out to be a living example of shiny new skyscrapers, a burgeoning international gastronomy and a revelling nightlife. One of the most picturesque destinations where you can find the best street art, the best bars and the most epic scenic beauty, Vilnius is the definition of a perfect weekend break! Dive deep in the history of The Old Town of Vilnius and discover The Vilnius Castle Complex where you can find all possible defensive, cultural, and religious buildings including, Gediminas Tower of the Upper Castle, Cathedral Square and the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania.

Check out the street art; you will end up smiling with a light heart all the way. If you made it to the Genocide Museum, you get an idea about what Vilnius in past was like. And amidst all these touristy spots to unravel in the daytime, rest a wide variety of sundowners to make your nights equally amazing! And for that, below is a list of the top 3 places to party in Vilnius:

1. Islandijos

This neighbourhood in Vilnius is the epicentre of the city’s bustling nightlife. With Lithuanians being incredibly hospitable, charming and hell-bent on having a great time, the travellers get their obvious share of fun in the city. In public opinion, the district plays the best quality techno and house music in its many nightclubs. Against popular fashion in Vilnius of outdated nightclubs catering mostly to the 1st year students, the ones stationed here create a completely different story. Opium Club, the most well flocked club in Vilnius, is one of those fancy, high heeled sundowners that demand a decent entry fee besides all things clingy! Run by international DJs, this place gives the city that cliché European club atmosphere. Another one called Briusly (Bruce Lee) draws in like-minded dance-lovers who prefer house and nu disco. Right across the street to these are the English pub-styled bars called The Piano Man and Gringo Bar.

2. Old Town

Vilnius’ Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is as historically and architecturally endowed as is in terms of nightlife. Whether you wish to have a quick stop for a drink or two before dinner, or a long, relentless night out, Old Town’s Vilinaus Street (also known as the Bar Street) houses all kinds of options. Bambalyne, the perfect place to relax with friends over some great Lithuanian Beer. Another incredible brewery is Alaus Pirkliai, a great spot offering both international and local brews. If you really wish to wake up hungover the next day, try Bar Bukowski. For the dancing type, there are various options like Notre Vie, Who Hit John and Gringo!

3. Uzupis District

Uzupis, meaning ‘beyond the river’, is a logical name considering that this teeny district rises up to a brook in the River Vilnele. A district that loves to practice absolute freedom, enjoys its own constitution, national anthem and even has four flags for each season of the year. Anyway, the area owns a distinct, bohemian character, and is largely frequented by hipsters and free thinkers. Its mellow streets and alleys house all kinds of beguiling curios. The area ornate by wildflowers with a wonderful statue of Trumpeting Angel is also home to a loud and revelling nightlife. Ironically, the neighbourhood even celebrates its Independence Day on April 1st (Fool’s Day)! Which is also the time you get to witness a bonanza of concerts, parades and all such shenanigans.

So if you are all set to experience the most memorable cheap thrills, Vilnius is all set to welcome you with open arms!