Top 3 Places to Party in Valencia

Top 3 Places to Party in Valencia

Top 3 Places to Party in Valencia

Once a poet described Valencia as the 'City of passion', guess he could foretell the future! As visionary as Valencia is, it surely owns the skill to win people's heart. After dark, Valencia turns out to be as promising and explorable as in broad daylight. Nightlife of Valencia is mostly a Pandora’s Box; from jazz clubs to beach bars, the city will not take time to win your hearts. Each and every neighborhood in Valencia has an essence of its own. From old on to port area, Valencia will surely not disappoint you.

So check out the top 3 neighborhoods to party in Valencia:

1. El Carmen

There is no other district in Valencia where you get a jazz basement, an underground trance mix, a retro chill-out lounge, a Goth dungeon, a gay bar, and a twisted bohemian art cave, all within a short walk of each other! El Carmen is truly a kaleidoscope and it wouldn't be wrong to refer to as the ‘heart of Valencian nightlife'. Jimmy Glass jazz bar, which opened its doors in 1991, is one of the most prestigious jazz clubs in Valencia. The place offers 4 concerts a week and has hosted some of the big names. The place serves original cocktails and tapas, which makes it even better for foodies. L'ermita café is another cozy bohemian café, which would be the perfect place if you enjoy live music and maybe wanna indulge in a board game. And if you feel like chilling out on the terrace, Trapezzio café might be the right choice, the atmosphere is relaxed and the cafe serves some best cocktails in the town. Then there’s Blanco y Rojo, which is a trendy nightclub, which is famous for professional acrobatic service of the bartenders and the music is mostly pop and Latino, making it a great place to hang out with friends. La flame is also a great place, specializing in hard rock and metal music; they also organize café theater evenings and invite comedians and actors to play a gig.

2. Ruzafa

This area in Valencia is second to none when talked about a hippy and vibrant nightlife. Located to the south of the city, Ruzafa, even by its name, is Bohemian and easygoing! The area welcomes most stylish and top notch locals and visitors and is also great spot for people watching. Starting off the list with Café Tocado, which offers a Persian vibe and serves some delicious cocktails. Then there’s Taberna Cubana Salsavana, boasting Cuban salsa and a lively atmosphere. Now comes the XL playground, for those who want to end up dancing till 4 am in the morning! Other than that, travelers seeking laid back nights can head up to Uik café, which is an Eclectic space, furnished with vintage shop pieces, this café cum bookshop is a great place, not only this you can also enjoy live jazz sessions and end up having a well-priced dinner. Talking about jazz, Café Mercedes could also be one of the choices.

3. Zona beach/ Port

If you are a fan of partying alfresco, Zona beach area will be the most fun thing you do. Nightlife here is split between two small clusters- traditional beach party and the new modern, trendy port. At the beach, you get more like a quiet way to start off the night and enjoy the social Mediterranean nightlife scene. But as the night grows older, the bars start to lighten up. There a lot of choices to choose from, including Akuarela Playa, Gandhara, Monocle, Luna Rossa and many more. When it comes to the port area, classy would be the right term to explain it. The port has become a very cosmopolitan addition to Valencia. This is a district where you can drink and dance even if dressed as a rug! Said to be the best, Las Docks is a very popular nightclub and is an oriental themed nightclub and also has a luxurious terrace on the roof. Then is the Cabana beach, which is known for its cocktails and luxurious music. And as you wander by the promenade, you will find many more bars and clubs to dance and have a gala time!

In Valencia, you don't need to think much about which area to choose. Just dress up and head to wherever you want, you’ll end up having the time of your life!

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