Best Places to Party in Ushuaia

Best Places to Party in Ushuaia

Best Places to Party in Ushuaia

The city of mountains, sports and cheer, Ushuaia blends nightlife in a way it gets impossible to get over with! With an adorably cold weather throughout the year, Ushuaia poses nightlife in a very unique manner. Parties here aren’t just parties; they are a Pandora’s Box of fun filled nights smiling upon the fresh and cold breezes, with people holding onto the positive vibes this city keeps them in! The city, commonly regarded as ‘The Penguin Land’, speaks of itself about the climate and the most fun part: Snow! Throwing a snow party would be the best way to taste the aura of the southernmost city of the world. Also regarded as ‘The end of the world’ this city fetches nightlife in its own extraordinary way.

Ushuaia speaks the language of adventure when it comes to parties, clubs and travel. With snowflakes descending over the houses and buildings in winters or a beautiful shiny bright ray of sunshine on a summer day bridging the city love in your heart, Ushuaia holds the key to what you won’t mind calling, ‘A flawless party’! So here are the best 3 party places for an ideal party in Ushuaia:

1. Avenida San Martin

Undeniably the most happening district if Ushuaia, San Martin is a long stretch of cafes, restaurants and nightclubs. ‘El Casino del Fin del Mundo’ or ‘The Casino from The End of the World’ is a perfect blend of games, pretty aristocratic lighting and a fantastic taste of décor. Roulette, videogames, slot machines, poker, craps and black jack are some major highlights of games played there. Then there are other options like Galway Bar, another popular Irish Pub; Bar Ideal, largely frequented by locals and Macario 1910 Old Pub, set in an old house serving excellent food and ambience.

2. Maipu

Running parallel to Av. San Martin is Av. Maipu, an equally ‘bustling after dark’ area in Ushuaia. El Vagon, a kids friendly bar in this area is largely flocked in by local families. Other alternatives are El Nautico Soul and Christopher Grill and Bar.

3. 9 de Julio

A nightlife district is nothing without a spice of some real good music to tap your feet on! If you love dancing on those refined beats of a tango, go give this area a hit. To begin with, there is Dublin Bar, a much-loved Irish pub famous for serving excellent food and drinks. Then there is Hotel Austral, serving the most panoramic vistas to the revelers.

Here, clubbing goes on to the early morning hours and usually begins late at around 1 am. Isn’t this a perfect clubbing experience for the ones who want a little change in their party life? Open air parties with the best DJs, this stylish host of enjoyable clubbing scenes has been visited by Leonardo DiCaprio, Paris Hilton and Kylie Minogue. Plan for your party dresses now and Ushuaia will lead you to your destination club: Peerless and desired for. Happy Clubbing!