Best Places to Party in Toronto

Best Places to Party in Toronto

Best Places to Party in Toronto

A hotbed for music, culture, food and entertainment, this Canadian city illuminates in every way! With over 140 languages spoken, the city is said to having been housing more than half a population that was born outside of Canada that, despite the complex anatomy, still manages to get along pretty well! When weather favours this city, it blossoms out with a fresh international buzz that wakes up the city to its own greatness. With immensely friendly and easy-going localites, the city is a delight to be unravelled. Abundant green spaces, global eats, a lakeside waterfront and a treasure trove of experiences, you name it Toronto has it!

And besides the highly artistic culture and fascinating museums that this city hosts, Toronto is pretty amazing for revellers and part hunters too! As far as Toronto’s nightlife is concerned, Toronto is replete with neighbourhoods catering to all tastes and likes of travelling party animals. From a hefty line-up of cosy spots for cocktails to louder spaces for dance parties, party areas in Toronto foster their own kind of intuitive pub crawl. So, to ease down your chagrin regarding which one to pick, here is a rundown of the top 3 places to party in Toronto:

1. Dundas West

After a little slowdown in Ossington’s conversion from a sleepy hipster strip to the hottest neighbourhood in Toronto, Dundas West (Or Little Portugal as they call it!) has managed to take the league. Weekend jaunts in Dundas are beyond novel. This neighbourhood is constantly in a flux, with countless joints opening up all the time. Nevertheless, this ever-changing west side street continues to flourish with some of Toronto’s grittiest, most daring and creative bars! Wine lovers flock in abundance to Archive and Midfield, while the jukebox, funky atmosphere lovers are seen at Communists’ Daughter. For old school game machines, there’s Get Well, where as Harry Potter aficionados adore the Lockhart for its fantastic cocktails. If you are still not sated, go further west for Hole in the Wall, Famous Last Words, 3030 Dundas West and Unlovable.

2. Kings Street West

Another district in Toronto most popular for its food and nightlife, Kings Street is less dance oriented and classier. Compared to a few other neighbourhoods that cater largely to the youth, Kings St. is more about the mature range of revellers. The area serves an extensive variety of booze, from martinis to imported beer. Overall a quite sophisticated experience with respect to food, drinks and ambience, it’s ideal for partiers who to dress upscale casual and focus more on booze than booty shake. Slick cocktail spots like Escobar hidden at the back of Baro, Spirithouse and Lavelle host some excellent range of drinks menu. Then there are other popular options like Early Mercy, Addison’s Residence, Candyland and Spin. For gourmands who visit this neighbourhood in Toronto simply for its gastronomy, there is Khao San Road, Crush Kitchen and Bar, Gusto 101, Buca and a lot many springing up!

3. Queen West

Featuring Toronto’s original Art Bar scene, Queen West hosts a bunch of legendary favourites of locals and travellers. Rated the Second Best Neighbourhood in the World by Vogue, this is one of those permanent sundowners that have been the giants for decades now! Bars like Bovine Sex Club, Queen St. Warehouse, Bar Fancy, Rush Lane Co., Tequila Bookworm, et cetera have been largely frequented by the locals. Gladstone Hotel and The Drake are those artsy boutique hotels that are well flocked for after parties. For live music, there is Horseshoe, The Rivoli and Cameron House. Barflies can be seen congregating at the Done Right Inn, BarChef and Squirly’s.

Toronto’s nightlife raises to infinity, with so much to experience and explore. So pin down your priorities and indulge in the most decadence ever!