Top 3 Places to Party in Tokyo

Top 3 Places to Party in Tokyo

Top 3 Places to Party in Tokyo

We all know that workaholic, ‘nose to grindstone’ side of the Japanese people. But did you know they are as dextrous in the offices and in the party clubs! Die hard bacchanals that they are, these people shed their workload and stress in offices and turn towards the ideology of partying all night at weekends. International tourists can be seen hustling and shaking a leg in the local pubs and bars. Keeping this in mind one needs to tread lightly, or else you might fall prey to bandits!

Party life in Tokyo is full of lights and drama, and is more of a fashion parade and surreal experience than anywhere else in Asia! So if you seek to have the best night time experience while here, we bring you the top 3 places to party in Tokyo, so you can unleash the monster within:

1. Roppongi

The famed nightlife of Roppongi is worth every penny spent here! Known for featuring the most extravagant bars and nightclubs in Tokyo, crowds of all kinds dance to the tunes here. Club Six offers a humongous dance floor giving a chance to all the partiers to show their moves. Latest dance numbers and EDM sparkles the ambience. Social drinkers need not be gloomy as many bars are there to hit, with the most popular among budget drinkers being Bar Propaganda that offers drinks at half the prices before 9 pm. The Tokyo Sports Café is another well flocked night spot in Tokyo, famous for its amiable staff and an intense sporting atmosphere characteristic of a sports bar. For beer lovers, Two Dogs Taproom is there to satisfy your thirst for over 24 variants of beer.

2. Shibuya

Shibuya, a neighbourhood in Tokyo that’s as alive at night as in the daylight, has some one of the best karaoke bars and clubs in Tokyo. A place largely inhabited by the younger of the flock, you’d always be thrilled to catch the most well-groomed crowd oh Tokyo here. Womb, the biggest nightclub in Tokyo is one of the major attractions of this district. With themed parties and world famous band performances, you are definitely going to have a VVIP experience! The Karaoke Kan, one that’s famous of all that offers sing along, is a bit pricy but a great experience if you go in with friends. Lover of open mic nights?? Do visit The Ruby Room! Famous bands and local artists are seen entertaining the crowds from time to time. Also Cigar Bar Chardonnay offers a real puffing experience to cigar maniacs.

3. Shinjuku

Famous for the bizarre themed restaurants is the lunatic area of Shinjuku. The Robot Restaurant offers a rare spectacle of dancing robots which is difficult to find in any other bar. Crazy on screen graphics, beautiful dancers and intoxicating booze- everything is top notch and beyond normal here! Those in for some smooth jazz, Pit Inn is the local place to hit. The New York Bar offers premium drinks served, with the panoramic city view being so good that it has now become a major starrer in Hollywood.

Certain night clubs and discos are open to Japanese only, so don’t be bewildered if refused entry. Law persists regarding dancing ban in residential areas but is one that is hardly followed.

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