Top 3 Places to Party in Tashkent

Top 3 Places to Party in Tashkent

Top 3 Places to Party in Tashkent

The capital city of Tashkent is a metropolis city, one that’s lined up with a grid of straight and wide streets and avenues, ornate with beautiful parks, gardens, and fountains. This beautiful holiday spot in Uzbekistan is a real embodiment of modern elegance and at the same time, it remains to be a historical city.

More than 60 percent of Uzbekistan's population consists of young people, which comes with the fact that the country serves a night to remember! The capital city Tashkent is known to be party district, one that is well known for having the most abundant nightlife in Uzbekistan and Central Asia. Whether you are looking for an all-nighter at one of the many modern nightclubs, or a quiet evening dining on elegant cuisine, Tashkent has a wide selection of bars, clubs, and restaurants to fit any night's desire. So you can just get out and enjoy in any of the restaurants providing diverse cuisine, from Spanish to Uzbek to Punjabi. Then after enjoying sumptuous cuisines, head to a high tech club for all night dancing to the latest music and popping light shows. Check out the best places to party in Tashkent:

1. Yakkasaray District

The district of Yakkasaray provides an excellent base for exploring the city in depth. With an array of attractions, the district is a must-see spot in Tashkent. One of the very popular bars in this district is the FM bar. Known for its sumptuous cocktails and menu, the bar has a cozy seating and is perfect for chilling and spending time with your party partners. Another great night spot is the Ye Old Chelsea Arms. British feels with a quaint interior design, this bar serves western and local food with imported beers and sports channel on TV. The bar periodically organizes high scale, high profile broadcast sporting events and is great for meeting new people. A very similar place is the Irish Bar. There are good homebrew options here along with Irish Culinary delights as sausages. The area is also football screenings and happy hours on Friday. The list doesn't end here; there are many more options to choose from such as Klever Pub, Red Rays Club, Brauhaus, Aurum898, Timekeeper, Make some noise Kareoke Club, Royal Bar, 7sky, Sheraton, La Terrasse Pub, Bar Duck and various others as well.

2. Saligokh Street or the Broadway street

Saligokh Street, also known as Broadway is one of the hippest streets of the city. The street connects the two main squares of the city, the Independent Square and the Amir Temur. There are many shopping centers, cafes, and restaurants located in the Broadway district. One of the best bars is the Almond Nightclub, a new and modern nightclub with a sci-fi theme, kinda like a Predators themed restro. Another great place is the Settle Restaurant and bar, a great place that is loved by the locals. The place serves great food and also for its choices of drinks.

3. Shaykhontohur district

Tashkent has its own flavor of tourism which combines medieval buildings as if descended from oriental tales. Tashkent cafes and restaurants present delicacies from Europe, Russia, and the Middle East as well. The Shaykhontohur district is one of the oldest districts in Tashkent. The district is also known for its good dining and nightlife options as well. You will be surprised by the wide range of restaurants with Chinese, Italian, English, Japanese, Spanish and other cuisines as well. One of the many places is the Mexico City restaurant. The restaurant serves delicious cuisines and is highly recommended by the locals and tourists alike. Another night out option is the Hammersmith Bar. This Craft Beer Bar is known for its beers and also has seen a lot of parties. But if you aren’t seeking any major event and simply wish to catch a drink and meet some friends, then another dining out options is the Art Restaurant Kilimanjaro. One of the banging places is the X club, which is known for its electrifying music and parties. This place is good for all for those who want to spend their night dancing. The ambience is artistic and is a place where you will hear a lot of encores!! Also, the food here is delicious and perfect for a night out option.

Nightlife in Tashkent is one of its kind; hip yet elegant! Try not compare it with the reveling streets of Amsterdam; it’s unique in its own right!

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