Best Places to Party in St. Petersburg

Best Places to Party in St. Petersburg

Best Day Trips from St. Petersburg

What do you do after you have spent the day basking in the warmth of the historical tour of the city? Just like any other city, St. Petersburg presents you with a nightlife which will never let you go to bed bored. Whether you want to spend the night in peace, go get a drink or dance the night away, this place has everything to offer. From posh pubs and bars to taverns and local spots, you can pick and choose the geography of the night according to your own discretion.

You can’t afford to miss out on a night out in St. Petersburg if you wish to experience the time of your life! So here is a collection of the top 3 places to party in St. Petersburg:

1. Kamennoostrovsky Prospekt

Located near the Kamennoostrovsky Bridge, Kamennoostrovsky Prospekt is one of the main streets Petrogradsky District spanning along the distance ranging from Trinity Bridge and Trinity Square across Petrogradsky Island, the Bolshaya Nevka. Being centrally located, this is one of the most famous places for the after-sun experience. With high-class restaurants to pubs and bars, this district in St. Petersburg is the most popular hotspot in Russia. For music enthusiasts the area has a very mixed choice including pop, house, Russian pop and everything that gets you to the floor! Some of the famous places in this area include XXXX, James Cook Pub& Cafe, Dead Poets, Mishka Bar and The Hat Bar.

2. Liteyny

A wide avenue in the Central District, Liteyny runs from the Liteyny Bridge to Nevsky Avenue. Named after the Russian revolutionary V. Volodarsky, this avenue is famous for its central locus and thus houses one of the most famous nightlife in St. Petersburg. Not running with blue blood, this is one neighbourhood in St. Petersburg where you can actually witness the colloquial flavour. Making small talk with strangers is super easy here. The music menu contains Pop and House, with an addition to soft tunes. Some of the famous names include Nebar, Union, Coyote Ugly, FX Bar and Gin Tonic Bar.

3. Krestovsky Island

Situated between several tributaries of the Neva: the Srednyaya Nevka, the Malaya Nevka and the Krestovka, Krestovsky Island is a tiny atoll in Saint Petersburg. While the eastern part of this beautiful island has seen slow urbanization, today this is one of the most happening places both before and after the sun. With an intricate network of cafes, pubs and bars this is one place that you should take time to experience. Some of the famous ones in the list include Karl&Friedrich, Fidel Bar, Etagi, Mlooy Island, Baybar and Wine & Women.

With gorgeous summer nights playing their charm, revelry gets to its peak starting with May in St. Petersburg. Concert halls pack to capacity, as does the congested bars and clubs in the city. Pick anytime of the year and St. Petersburg won’t disappoint you!