Best Places to Party in Stockholm

Best Places to Party in Stockholm

Best Day Trips from Stockholm

The Swedish capital is also the party capital of the North- an all new avatar after dusk parallel to the social democratic image it holds in the daytime. Prominent for elite VIP bacchanals, opulent bars and vexatious doormen, Stockholm has an alter ego boasting easily accessible bar scenes and a pocket-friendly nightlife.

So whether you are an A-lister preferring champagne over beer, or wish to get down with the locals, you will find something for yourself in these top 3 places to party in Stockholm:

1. Ostermalm

The Stureplan district in Ostermalm houses the most extravagant bars and clubs, some at par with the best in the world! Stureplan is a public square in Stockholm Central, rendering an insanely affluent feel with its chic bars and swanky cocktails. Locals describe it as the urban playground for the rich and gorgeous who wish to party in the most popular nightclubs of Stockholm. Bar clubs such as Hotellet and East pull in long queues of bankers and local celebs. You can be a part of this high-profile nightlife if you know what to wear, when to arrive and how to behave!

2. Sodermalm

A polar opposite of Ostermalm is this budget travelers’ haven. Across the water, towards the South is Sodermalm, a quaint neighborhood blustering grubbily chic music and bohemian bars. If you get a kick out of understated style and Indie music, visit Kvarnen, a long-standing Beer hall. Then there is Morfar Ginko and Papa Ray Ray- two widely popular joints right behind the Mariatorget Square. For the hip-hop and reggae fans, there is Debaser Medis. Hit the beach of Langholmen in daytime, a gorgeous green island showcasing tree-shaded walks and clear blue water to take a dip.

3. Kungsholmen

Primarily a residential locality, Kungsholmen is for the laid-back party people who prefer quaint and cozy bars over the city centre crazy pomp and show. A lot of cute cafes and bars offer lunch and dinner too, as opposed to the late night establishment only. The place is mostly full with people seeking reasonable food and drinks, before they head on to downtown area for some more action. La Dame Noir is a posh bar in this vicinity, displaying a lengthy drinks menu and pricey snacks.

Contemporary but not overwhelmingly so, Stockholm is up there with the best cities for all the right reasons. From luxury tourists to backpackers, there’s something for every pocket here.