Best Places to Party in Skopje

Best Places to Party in Skopje

Best Day Trips from Skopje

The exact opposite of Monotony, Skopje is all things happening and on the edge! The capital of Macedonia boasts a one of a kind central riverside front, something that is more or less a pictorial representation of medieval civilizations in Hollywood movies. Just as the whole vibe of the city, nightlife in Skopje is a wild kaleidoscopic run, including a mix of fancy bars, nightclubs, restaurants and Kafkas. Skopje has some of the best historic and beautiful views to offer in the day, but its nightlife is one of a kind! Bars in Skopje are the pinnacle of Macedonian nightlife, and here in the city, you find more than you can count!

This is where it begins, parties here carry on throughout the night. There are a number of bars and clubs in this city, each having a different story to tell in terms of music, crowd and ambience. The nightlife here has its own versatility, from bars and pubs to long drives, a night in Skoje is a night for all! You may gather a lot of experiences in just one night, stories that would increase the love to come and spend just one more night in this beautiful city! So here are some of the nightlife areas in Skopje:

1. Debar Maalo

Urban crowd, wild music, yet a laid-back atmosphere, Debar Maalo is what comes to mind when talked about that typical nightlife in Skopje. Debar Maalo offers a number of cafes and bars, different in almost everything, but with similar urban crowd, music and cuisine. Preferable choices can be Van Gogh, Kaldrma, kala, Bastia, Casa Di Borbone. Also, in this area you would definitely find some Kafakas and if you are lucky enough, you can also spot some of the prominent music bands performing live. And yes!! Don’t underestimate the fun of strolling and wandering between those huge fortified walls of Skopje.

2. Old bazaar

This place is a must visit to experience a hippy yet artistic night of your lives. This place is all about music and food that sets the best nighttime atmosphere in the town. Within this area you can easily locate Kapan Ann, a place where a lot of bars and cafes are situated between the huge fortified walls, which is what captivates revelers to spend a couple of hours within the walls and terraces. Food here is amazing and what is more amazing is the chill, no stress atmosphere!

3. Vodno Mountain

Well, abstruse? Right? Talking about doing out of the box, here is Skopje welcoming you to do that. An interesting proposal is taking a car ride to Vodno Mountain, the beauty and serenity that one will experience can’t be framed into words. Arriving at a place called Vidikovec (lookout), is where the part begins, looking over the city at night while having a beer or two with your loved ones, this is a place which gives you a sense of isolation from the city noise, it’s often eerie hustle and bustle but, at the same time, serves you with some mesmerizing views.

The nightlife of Skopje undoubtedly offers a lot of diversity. Whether you are a talker or simply prefer to sit in a corner and sip a glass of crisp wine, Skopje will not disappoint anyone of you. What will catch your eye here are the people, always ready to party! You will definitely be able to make friends with some of the locals there because people that’s what the city of Skopje is.