Top 3 Places to Party in Sicily

Top 3 Places to Party in Sicily

Top 3 Places to Party in Sicily

A Constant award winner for travel awards, Sicily does not disappoint you if you are seeking a getaway in Italy. With zillions of attractions in every corner of the island, the city won't stop amazing you until you fall asleep!

Sicily's nightlife is partying in clubs, discos, and lounge bars, dancing from dusk till dawn. Nightlife in Sicily starts right off in the evening where you can catch some great performances at some of the greatest theatres in whole Europe, and finally head over to bars and pubs to give a banging end to your night. With that in mind, check out the best 3 places to party in Sicily:

1. Palermo

This city is the regional capital of Sicily. The capital city of Palermo is a cluster of important attractions, beaches, resorts and restaurants of Sicily. There are many areas with bars and taverns in here. The liveliest squares at night are the Piazza Castel Nuovo and Piazza Verdi, which are also the safest zones here. Another safe zone is a street flanked with bars and cafes, along Via Principe di Belmonte, between Via Roma and Via Roggero Settimo. If you are into student rock scene, head to Via Candelai near the Quattro Canti for lively evenings. The club is known for featuring mainstream rock throughout the night. The club hosts cover bands, international artists and also tango lessons. Palermo is the cultural capital of Sicily and does have an impressive opera and ballet season running from November to July, with programmes attracting audiences from far and wide! These take place at Teatro Massimo in Piazza Verdi, a place that houses the largest indoor stage in Europe after the ones at the opera houses in Paris and Vienna. Also, Piazza Ruggero Settimo and Piazza Garibaldi are extravagant too. And if just bars are your thing, you can head to Alchimia, a bar with Persian rugs, red walls and patterned drapes. This bar is reminiscent of an Arabic living room. Serving up delicious cocktails, it’s one of the very few places in the town where you can smoke a Sheesha pipe. And those who want to dance the nights away can choose from the clubs such as Country Disco Club, Gorky Club, Kursaal Kahless. What more you need for a banging nightlife?!

2. Catania

Catania has a really kicking nightlife, perhaps influenced by the fact that it lies closer to the mainland. Pubs and dance clubs rule the nights here, especially in the historical center of the town. A fantastic way to kick start your night is to head to Bar Miazzi. This is a typical Italian bar offering all sorts of biscuits, desserts, and Italian specialties. Located in the shopping center, not too far from the Central city, is the Burger bar. This bar is one of the biggest bargains you will find in the city. The menu boasts paninis, toasties, burgers, hot dogs, tortillas; but the burgers are particularly recommended! Another place in this city is called the Cathedral's Bar. Located on Piazza Duomo and enjoying an amazing view of the local Cathedral, this bar serves a range of drinks and foodstuffs. And if dancing and jumping are your things, head over to the Stag Head, which is one of the most jumping pubs with no shortage of beers. Also Discoteca red light is an amazing option where techno sounds and retro hits fill the dance floor quickly.

3. Taormina

The best and sophisticated after dark amusements can be found in Taormina. It is also a very bohemian district, with its clubs famous for the entertainers and the number of celebrities who come here. The heart of nightlife in Taormina is in its central streets and squares of the city which include Corso Umberto, Piazza San Domenico, and Piazza 9 Aprile. There are a lot of famous clubs and night bars in the plazas, one of the popular places being La Giara. This bar is an adobe of luxury with splendid view of Taormina Harbor. If you want to spend a romantic evening, then this is the right place! But if you’re a hardcore party person, then head to one of the discotheques in Sicily. For instance, you can head to places like Marabu, Septimo, and Panasia Beach Taormina. Other popular places for nightlife in this district are Irish O-seven pub, Italian bar Re di Bastoni.

So go and unravel the undercover image of this reveling party destination in Europe!

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