Top 4 Places to Party in Shanghai

Top 4 Places to Party in Shanghai

Top 4 Places to Party in Shanghai

Shanghai has vastly laid back drinking policies, so all those who strongly pursue the idea of drinking like fish can party all night without interruptions to your rhythm. Bars and clubs are open overnight to cater to the dance craving and singing freaks from all over Shanghai. However, the nightlife in Shanghai can be quite posh, giving you a heads up to prepare yourselves to spend a fortune when hitting the bars. But don’t worry, to every “Glamour Bar” there is also a “Barbarossa” for people on a tight budget. Crowd is equally fantastic at these places, as is the liquor.

So if you plan a vacay to the amazing Chinese city, don’t miss out on the top 3 places to party in Shanghai. Check out our list of the most happening party places in Shanghai and a must visit:

1. Former French Concession

Located in the downtown area of Shanghai, it is one of the most popular party places in the entire city. Get ready to get your funny bones tickled as you are about to enter a hub of Shanghai’s funniest people at the Kung Fu Komedy Club. This place offers cheap drinks and hilarious comic acts. From improv to stand up, there is nothing which can’t shatter your stress. Don’t know Mandarin? No problem. Loads of international talent is seen performing here too. Funkadeli is yet another famous annd affordable bar, usually crowded by loud music lovers.

2. Jing’ an

One of the central districts of Shanghai, this is a place populated by hipster cafes and wine bars. The Paramount Ballroom is a nice and different place for dance enthusiasts, where teachers are readily available to help you and your partner get into the groove. Up for a cocktail fiesta? Visit the Revolution Cocktail, the one characterized by a Latin ambience that transforms from a quiet bar into an ear-splitting club in no time! Want to French things up a little. Mr Pitt restro bar is right there at your service. With an open terrace seating and cocktail show put on by the bartenders, this place is simply mesmerizing and worth every Renminbi spent.

3. Bund

One of the busiest places in Shanghai, Bund has a lot to offer in terms of a terrific night life too. Jazz Club at the Peace Hotel offers the best band of musicians in town. Food junkies can munch on a heavy snack with smooth jazz playing in the background. Bar Rouge, the most sought after bar in Shanghai is located in this very neighborhood. A cool place with a riverside view, Bund offers everything from peppy to romantic! However, it is an expensive place that can get your pocket going feeble every second. So tread lightly!

4. Lujiazui

Located in the Central Avenue, Lujiazui is a place crowded with quality bars and restaurants. One such being the Patio Lounge at Grand Hyatt. Known for its amazing rooftop view of the entire city of Shanghai, it is not a place for acrophobics. People up for quality music and dancing may hit Music Room.

With all this information, you can well imagine how the nightlife experience in Shanghai is full of colours. Being the safe city that it is, women and youngsters can party till late nights without any security issues.

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