Top 3 Places to Party in Seychelles

Top 3 Places to Party in Seychelles

Top 3 Places to Party in Seychelles

When looking at the world map, Seychelles is not more than just a tiny dot. In fact, you have to really zoom in to notice this island! However, in some recent years, it has really managed to get attention from backpackers and honeymooners alike. What once used to be a pirate’s lair, Seychelles is now a tiny group of islands famous for its breathtaking beauty, miles and miles of infinitely long beachesoverlooking the Indian Ocean and not horde of tourists spoiling them like with some of the famous countries. The surroundings look as if it came out directly from those shiny brochures you know are too good to be true. A diver’s paradise, the ocean here is full of healthy coral reef and impressive number of aquatic species!

Nightlife in Seychelles is a little quiet, with locals preferring the gentle sea breeze more than that ear-splitting loud music. However, there are some eclectic nightclubs and bars all over the three main islands of Seychelles promising a vibrant nightlife and there are number of casinos also where you can play endless rounds of roulettes, slots, and more. So, if you are looking for a good time, refer to our comprehensive guide below with the top 3 places to party in Seychelles:

1. Mahe Islands

The most popular and largest group of islands on Seychelles, Mahe is enclosed by dense, lush green forests and azure water of Indian Ocean. By far the most gorgeous tropic island, Mahe is lined with pristine sandy beaches on one side and granitic mountains on the other. Although it is the largest one in Seychelles, it is still a compact island that it offers a wide range of activities to be enjoyed by tourists on land and water. Enjoy the mountainous hikes and explore its indigenous flora and fauna, or maybe go for its numerous water activities such as snorkelling, scuba diving etc. It being the most popular island, most of the Seychelles exciting nightlife is also centred on Victoria-The capital island. With plethora of options such as nightclubs, bars/pubs, casinos, and sunset cruises, tourists are spoilt for choices. Katiolo is the best nightclub with open air setting and a strict dress code, so it’s packed with the best and craziest crowd on weekends. For some relaxing and chill ambience, Level 3 Bar is the best on the island with an amazing cocktail menu.

2. Praslin Islands

Praslin Islands are absolute delight with its white beautiful beaches, famed coco de mer palm trees and its national bird, the rare black parrot. With a fraction of population compared to the Mahe Islands, it’s the perfect destination when tied with the crowded Mahe. The magnificent stretches of sandy beaches, the clear blue water, dense jungles perfect for exploration, and a slow pace of life, if that’s what you want then Praslin should be your drug of choice. Its rich flora and fauna also entice many bird watchers round the year to explore some of its endemic species. While the town enjoys quite nightlife with gentle sea breeze and quiet atmosphere, there are some nightclubs and bars guaranteed to offer a great night on this paradise. The Jungle is the best place currently on the isle, boasting some truly tropical ambience and some of the finest mixologists in Seychelles. The second in line is The Oxygen, again promising a good time but with a strict dress code and delicious cocktails. Apart from this, there are number of casinos where you can try your luck in blackjack or backgammon.

3. La Digue

A short boat trip away from Mahe and Praslin, La Digue is a tropical paradise with jade green waters, heart stopping beaches, and green hills engulfed with jungles and tall coconut trees. Although not a hidden island, La Digue is still far away from the clutches of over development that has plagued its sister islands Mahe and Praslin and that’s why its raw beauty and relatively empty roads and beaches make it a perfect paradise to lose yourself in. This sleepy island is idle if you just want to have a lazy day and soak in some vitamin D while sipping on coconut water. And as far as the nightlife is concerned, there is the popular Tarosa, an open air bar-cum-club which is a good place to mingle with locals and enjoy a relaxed evening.

These are our recommendations for Seychelles and we made sure that we included the best. So, have a good time on this lovely paradise and do tell us about your trip to Seychelles!

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