Top 3 Places to Party in Seoul

Top 3 Places to Party in Seoul

Top 3 Places to Party in Seoul

Seoul is unarguably the most eclectic city in the entire Asia when it comes to having the night of your life. With ghastly relaxed drinking laws and countless options to crawl to after dark, it has become a mecca for revelling travellers. A fun fact for the liquor lovers out there is that South Korea is the largest alcohol consuming nation in the entire world!!

People in Seoul are especially lovers of electronic themed dance music and can be seen finding their groove and shaking a leg as soon as midnight hits. Although the whole city is lined up with places to party, but you need to be aware of the right clubbing arena or else you may encounter a pitfall. So the following are the best places in Seoul if you are up for partying all night:

1. Gangnam

Psy definitely knew what he was talking about while rolling out the famous “Gangnam Style” video that topped the charts and broke records. Gangnam area itself lives up to the reputation with being the party hub of entire Seoul. Octagon stands tall as the highest ranked club in Asia and hence one of the most expensive one too. Get ready to get your face melted with rock and EDM music setting the freaking dance floor on fire. For people who like to follow a dress code and visit a party place that has only the high-end people hanging around, Arena is the place to be. With varied events rolling on the floor every day, it is most visited mostly by the office guys with their clients.

2. Hongdae

Hongdae is one of the few regions in Seoul that have gained identification singly due to the entertainment that is up for grabs here. The bars and clubs are crowded by the youth with wishes of getting drunk and letting loose. The Brown is a famous option boasting its hip hop culture with rappers and skilled artists bringing the night alive with their upbeat performances. Moreover, the cocktails offered are really affordable and good quality. M2 is one of the historic EDM bars still hitting night crawlers with trance vibes in Seoul. From themed parties to laser plays, M2 is a nice place to hit the dance floor. For lovers of trap music, the Henz Club has the “it” factor with the best DJ crews in town showcasing their talent.

3. Itaewon

The night scene in Itaewon is at its peak from Thursday through the whole weekend. For people who like to party in a classy ambience with lounge facility and hip hop music hitting the ear drums, then the Boombar is a definite visit for you. The place is always lit with chandeliers dangling from the ceilings and velvet couches to comfort the rear. Soap is another one as unique as its name suggests, with floor shaped as a bar of soap.

The party scene in Seoul is equal parts crazy and dreamy for a party animal. So buck up to get your socks knocked off by the enthralling and upbeat nightlife of Seoul!

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