Best Places to Party in Seattle

Best Places to Party in Seattle

Best Places to Party in Seattle

When nightlife comes into question, Seattle has a whole lot to offer beyond beer and bands. Known as the cultural outpost of the north-western part of the States, Seattle always becomes the chosen destination for the top musical acts on national tours, modern dance troupes, hot comics- this entire international blow out along with boasting home-grown talent. And a cherry on top, the city has a vast selection of watering holes; from dive bars to brewpubs, one can find everything in the city. In addition to this local theatre and alternative rock bars still stand firm in the ground providing people with evergreen entertainment.

To find a parallel to the night Seattle can offer is next to impossible. So here is an index of the top 3 places to party in Seattle:

Belltown is one of the best places to party in Seattle
1. Belltown

Counted as one of the most densely populated neighbourhoods in Seattle, Belltown is located on the city's downtown waterfront. Formerly holding an image of a low-rent, semi-industrial artsy district, the neighbourhood has taken a turn for the good in the recent years, having transformed into a district with trendy restaurants, nightclubs, and residential towers as well as warehouses and art galleries. Some of the most famous bars in the area include The Upstairs, Rabbit Hole, Rob Roy, Lava Lounge, Bathtub Gin & Co. and The Whisky Bar. If you enjoy music to your bones, the one place you can’t afford to miss is Dimitriou's Jazz Alley.

2. Capitol Hill

Now to the east of the downtown retail core stands Capitol Hill, again one of the extremely densely populated areas of Seattle. This neighbourhood is famous for its walk able character, bustling with a variety of restaurants, stores and services within just a few steps. From high-end restaurants to taverns and local watering holes, this place has it all, unsurprisingly within a walks distance. Some of the most famous bars include, Sun liquor, Knee High Stocking Co, Inc and Pine Box. For the tune enthusiasts, the best options include Pine Box, The Rock Box, Q Nightclub and The Baltic Room.

Capitol Hill one of the best places to party in Seattle
Fremont, one of the best nightlife and place to party in Seattle
3. Fremont

Have you ever been to the 'Center of the Universe'? If not, this is the place for you! Billing itself as "The Center of the Universe", Fremont is renowned for its quirky atmosphere and bohemian image. A district in Seattle with a plethora of night-time activities, this is the place for small cosy bars and pubs, offering you an experience of a lifetime. The neighbourhood’s most frequented night out spots for dinner and drinks include The Barrel Thief, The BackDoor, Brouwer's Cafe and Nectar Lounge.

Seattle offers you one of the best metropolitan nightlife from bars to fine dining and a vast array of choices to spend your time. So plan a holiday of debauchery and find what’s in it for you!