Top 3 Places to Party in Sarajevo

Top 3 Places to Party in Sarajevo

Top 3 Places to Party in Sarajevo

Sarajevo, the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is known for its best nightlife, in the entire southern Europe, let alone Bosnia and Herzegovina! Apart from having an array of trendy bars and banging nightclubs, Nightlife of Sarajevo offers various other options too. You can also choose to indulge in theatre performances, cinemas, Jazz, operas and other music performances. The city also hosts a number of annual events, and especially if you are here in summers, you will be lucky enough to be a part of them.

So, to experience the nightlife of Sarajevo in a single go, choose what fits your party style. Top 3 neighborhoods to party in Sarajevo are:

1. Bascarsija

The old town of Sarajevo is the heart of its nightlife and has an array of bars and clubs. You will just not be able to resist from spending a night in this part of Sarajevo. One of the most impressive places in the city is Zlatna Ribica, a club that impresses night crawlers with its cozy charm and an eclectic décor boasting huge artistic mirrors. If you are looking to soak in Mexican vibe, then choose Hacienda, Sarajevo's original cocktail bar, that is a lavish Mexican themed place in the center of Bascarsija. This place is perfect to listens to descent Latin jazz, Salsa and Cuban funk. Barhana is another one of the top 5 bars in Sarajevo, set in a cobbled alley in Bascarsija; this place is ideal to let your hair loose! Easily affordable cocktails, friendly services and the best of eighties music, what else do you need to get you here! City Pub is also a great choice in this area, and is very popular among the locals, hosting everything from concerts to movie showings and performances and swings like blues, rock and jazz music. Another one is Sloga, another hit spot if you wish to spend your night in dancing shoes. The place has a massive dance hall-disco that attracts the young and merry of the city and is a great place to catch up with local party goers. The list isn't over, if you are left with some more stamina within you, choose from Buddha bar, café Opers, Colosseum Club and may more!

2. Marsala Tita

Nightlife in Marsala Tita is second to none when talked about the nightlife of Sarajevo. The street lies between the Old Town and Marijini Dvor, and lightens up once the sun goes down. Marsala Tita is home to the hippest clubs and bars of the city including the Jazzbina Sarajevo, a place that attracts hard core music lovers, hosting regular Jazz, blues and rock acts and caters to the loyal clientele of music lovers while serving the cream layer of the city. Occasional punk and funk bands are also included in the program on certain occasions. Another great place in this street is The Underground bar, an underground Club that is more focused on Rock music, and is one of the newly opened spaces in the town. This nightclub in Sarajevo has very quickly caught the eye of the locals and tourists, and has become one of the tops spots in Sarajevo. The club offers flowing beers and Rakija, live gigs and a buzzy atmosphere when the room is crowded. With indulgent opening times, this club is a haven for party crawlers. Being one of the hippest streets in Sarajevo, there is a lot more choices to choose from including the Balkan express, Le Passage, August Café, Pink Houdini. Marsala Tita might be a lesser known place in Sarajevo, but its nightlife here is surely lit!

3. Vijecnica

Ok! Now if you feel like getting aside from the hustle and bustle of the city and exploring a laid-back side of Sarajevo at night, this is the place to be! Facing the riverside of Sarajevo, Vijecnica is well placed for a stroll along the river bank. Here, you can gawk at the views of many bridges which represent different styles and eras and offer striking effects at night. After taking beautiful pictures in your heart and your devices, you can choose to head to some of the bars and cafes including Balkan café, Le passage, August café. Here, you can experience the laid back side of Sarajevo and experience a rather calm and quiet European travel!

The nightlife of Sarajevo won’t let you stay in hotel rooms at night. So pack all your dancing shoes and get going!

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