Top 3 Places to Party in Sao Paulo

Top 3 Places to Party in Sao Paulo

Top 3 Places to Party in Sao Paulo

A gorgeous clutter in the City of Dreams, Brazil, this enormous and “intimidating at first glance city” has a lot more to it than the traffic, the smog and the gigantic jumble! Come prepared for an offbeat tourist destination in Brazil and you won’t feel as baffled as in the beginning.

The scene of Sao Paulo's nightlife is considered to be one of the most vibrant in the continent. In such a magnificent city, the choices of bars, nightclubs, and events are infinite, making Sao Paulo a personified hipster after the sun goes down. Nightlife here occurs in several districts and offers an array of entertainment opportunities, making sure that there’s everything of everyone. Best neighborhoods to party in Sao Paulo are:

1. Vila Madalena

Once a farm village, Vila Madalena has turned into one of the hippest and Bohemian destinations of Sao Paulo. With an array of bars, clubs, and restaurants, this area is dominated with a welcoming, affectionate vibe. Kick start your night by hitting the Alto da Harmonia. This place has the most amazing views of Vila Madalena that’s coupled with a splendid menu. Another great place is the Piraja, a very popular one in Sao Paulo for its environment and old bohemian Carioca Style. What makes this place even better is the menu, drinks and the people around. If you wish to move your feet to the beat, make sure you hit Re Nola. Surrounded with graffiti, diffuse lights, young and tattooed staff, Nola is one of the hippest places within Vila Madalena. The never ending menu of drinks and cocktails and live Dj nights adds on to the hippy vibe of the bar. There are a lot more choices including Merceria Sao Pedro, Lapa 40 Graus, and Pe de Manga. Vila Madalena is a nightlife gem of Sao Paulo and has left no stone unturned in serving the night crawlers. Dance, chat, drink, eat or just go crazy, Vila Madalena is a place that lightens up the nights of Sao Paulo.

2. Baixo Augusta

Filled with restaurants, theatres, night bars, clubs, food trucks and much more, Augusta is the just the place whether you want vegetarian or simply wish to eat a hamburger. The La Reva is as beautiful is the district is, featuring a bar on the dance floor with 90s music playing. To try the best of Sao Paulo's drinks, be sure to check out this place called Igrejinha. With a pretty laid back setting and Indie music playing, this place is great to de-stress yourselves. Show stealers in the Igrejinha are the traditional cocktails including gin fizz, Caipirinha and Cosmopolitan. Then comes all the burger fans; try Rock and Roll Burger, hosting 11 pinball machines and a pure rock and rock music besides the best burger ever, doing pure justice to its name! With different types of burgers on the menu named after rock stars and a never-ending list of drinks, this place is sure lit. There are a lot more places to choose from including the Exquisite, Beco 203, Lab Club, The Inferno club, Ballroom, Club Outs and a lot more.

3. Jardins

Jardins is the most exclusive and fanciest part of the city, hosting some of the trendiest bars of Sao Paulo. One of the most top-notch and high-class places is the Skye, a beautifully constructed night spot perched on the top of the stunning hotel Unique that serves breath-taking 360-degree views of the city after dark. Just grab a seat beside the pool and order one of the Mydraid cocktails as you have a look at the gigantic city around you. Another spot is the View, and yes you have guessed it right, the place boasts the best view in Sao Paulo. Being 30 floors up, it's impossible to not stand jaw-slacked here looking at Sao Paulo all lit n pretty. And once you are done with the views from the place, the vibe inside of it will also steal your hearts with elegant décor, champagnes and dinner menu. If you wish to experience a chic vibe, head to 1101 bar, where it's just about drinks and fun. In this neighborhood, you might usually find places that are pretty expensive, but they are worth the price. Make sure you clean up and doll up well!

Sao Paulo boasts a ceaseless nightlife, making it sure you don’t get bored after you are done with all the daytime attractions.

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