Discover The Best Nightlife & Places To Party While In Santorini

Best Places To Party In Santorini, Greece

Santorini Nightlife

The reputation of Santorini is generally attached with peace and solitude; hence the nightlife in Santorini is not especially wild like in the other islands of Greece such as Mykonos, Paros, Rhodes and Skiathos. That been said, this doesn't mean that there is a paucity of decent venues to party in Santorini. So if you find yourself in the island and look forward to a fantastic night out, you won't be disappointed. Given below are the top places in Santorini with specialities of their own, captivating looks, cool breeze in the hair and the music you choose. So before the night out you plan, list down these 3 best places to party in Santorini in your itinerary:

For best nightlife in Santorini, the first place that pops in the head is definitely Fira
1. Fira

Talking about nightlife in Santorini, the first place that pops in the head is definitely Fira. The entire map of the capital is dotted with bars and clubs generally open till the wee hours. The location of these places varies from the narrow paved streets of Fira to the caldera path for maximum view to the open night horizon and the dark sea. Many clubs are famous for their dance floors and cocktails along with beautiful sights wrapped up in an irritable package. Premier on the list include Koo Club, Enigma Club and Casablanca Soul Bar. Another destination to party that organises summer parties is Tango Cocktail Bar. However, don't be afraid to experiment, take a walk; choose your own club.

2. Vlychada Beach

A beach following a smooth decent with dark grey sands, the Vlychada beach is one of the favourite destinations of the sun loungers. This is not all the beach has to offer, as it stands amongst the chosen few places to offer a best nightlife experience buzzing with energy to the people in Santorini. Theros Wave Bar is the premier to-go destination in the place offering people addictive new age cocktails, and a variety of dishes unmatched in character. An envelope of delicious food, spectacular sights and lively nights are just waiting to be experienced. What are you waiting for?

Vlychada beach is one of the favourite place to party in Santorini for the sun loungers
Kamari beach one of the best places to party in Santorini
3. Kamari beach

A village with a lively, wonderful atmosphere, Kamari has a very long pedestrian zone along with the sea with tones of taverns and bars, giving the full countryside experience. One thing to notice about these small places is their affordability and warm welcoming conduct. The village doesn't necessarily have a loud outlook on the nightlife and therefore it is possible to find a tavern of your choice and relax the night to your pleasure.

So the ball now is in your court, how you want your nightlife to look, whether it would be with wind in your hair and music of your choice running atop in Fira, or a quiet evening with your significant other roaming around in the beaches of Kamari and Vlychada. Take your pick and party under the gorgeous Greek moonlight!