Best Places to Party in Santiago

Best Places to Party in Santiago

Best Places to Party in Santiago

Santiago, the cosmopolitan and dynamic heart of Chile has vitality and versatility to its very core! Boasting a charming Chilean culture while at the same time, staying well read about the necessary techno facelifts, this Chilean capital breathes new life into all of its visitors! Contrasting neighborhoods, international festivals, original art galleries, handicraft markets and designer boutiques paint the whole town red! And when it comes to party, Santiago turns hearty! Make sure you’ve got enough popcorn, zeal and a huge vacancy in your heart to collect all memories and special moments that Santiago is ready to feed you with. If you’re a party junkie for real, then God has the perfect match for you: SANTIAGO!

From Karaoke to Live Music, to trendy bars and discos, Santiago will add spark to your life and ‘unforgettable’ to your nights! Chileans are innate party freaks! So if you are up for some booty shake and want to meet ‘your kind of people’, here are some places where you can enjoy some incredible party time:

1. Barrio Bellavista

Are you into clubs and night outs? Ah, of course, A BIG YES! Quite fancily characterized as aristocratic and a Catholic region, Barrio Bellavista is your perfect dealer in terms of entertainment. Tucked charmingly between the San Cristobal Hill and Mapocho River, this quaint neighborhood of Santiago is every haggler’s paradise. For a quick meal before you hit the dancefloor, try Azul Profundo, a long established and well frequented fine restaurant. Following this would be Bar Dos Gardenias, a small and softly lit bar that plays mellow Flamenco music on most nights. Other popular venues are Club Dominica 54, Club La Feria, Club Surreal, Ex Oz and Patio Bellavista.

2. Providencia

Providencia deserves a special mention when it comes to nightlife! If you crave for late mornings and early nights, less worries and more life, Providencia welcomes you with open arms. Paseo Orrego Lugo and Manuel Montt are some highlights. If you want to enjoy delicious meals and sip in your favorite drinks while letting those soothing vibes of some cool live music hit up, go for Vittamina Bar, Vicious, El Bodeguero, Xampanyet, Subterráneo, Club Ambar, and El Cachafaz. Heaven awaits you!

3. Plaza Ñuñoa

Are you surprisingly more into human connections than mobile phones? Then let’s take you to the perfect place for your natural habitat! This neighborhood offers a well-known circuit of restaurants and bars. Grab drinks and indulge in conversations and building associations in Pub Blue, Bar Sin Nombre, the traditional brew pub HBH, Bar República, Pub Armenia and Akbar. And when you feel like getting into a groove and hitting the dance floor, go for Club de la Salsa and El Atico. And amidst all those beautiful conversations, when your heart craves for a nice live music, La Batuta, Rock y Guitarras and House Rock & Bluesfor awaits your arrival!

So whether it is about partying, chilling or connecting, Santiago is a paved way for you! It marks an incredible trail where you get to connect to life and people altogether. Santiago is the real ‘chill’ in ‘Chile’. So it’s time to Fiesta Feliz, pal!