Top 3 Places to Party in San Jose

Top 3 Places to Party in San Jose

Top 3 Places to Party in San Jose

It’s time to stop overlooking this rather hectic and intimidating tourist spot in Costa Rica for the sake of nearby beaches and rainforests! Diverse in history and culture, blended aptly with a hip urban vibe and an insane nightlife, San Jose travel is no blah!

Replete with vibrant people and places to see in San Jose, the fun-loving city does not sleep at night. After a busy day of exploring San Jose, you will find plenty of things waiting for you even after the sun go down. From Downtown to San Pedro, nightlife of San Jose makes sure that you stay awake with this city too! With cheap beer options, high end bars and theatres, you will not fall short on partying options in San Jose. Just remember some bars and clubs offers discount drinks and entrance fees for showing up before 9. Best areas to party in San Jose are:

1. San Pedro

San Pedro is a neighborhood that explains the Nightlife of San Jose 100% right! Art, food and drinks- this is what it's all about! Bar Vyrus, a bar most preferred by the young students and professionals, plays nostalgic tunes from the 60s and 90s, with an ambiance aptly flirtatious and romantic. The outdoor balcony is a great open space to sing along and have a ball with friends. Another spot which is, in fact, a theatre is Teatro Nacional, San Jose's graceful National Theatre that’s considered to be the city's most beautiful building; and to witness the building's grace during the nighttime would not be a mistake! The theatre is wrapped in French sophistication with a soaring façade, hosting performers from all over the world. Now, talking about a bit more music, there's a place called Jazz Café San Pedro, one that set the standard for concerts in San Jose's partying scene and remains to be one of the best places to check out splendid artists and bands from far and wide! This place is great for those who love music and want to mingle with like-minded concert lovers. And besides all this, if only drinking and hardcore partying is what you expect, then head to the Mall San Pedro and Outlet Mall. Here you will find many other bar and restaurant options where you could grab a bottle of beer and chill with your pals!

2. Playa Hermosa and Jaco Beach

The city's neighborhood that’s just 15-20 minutes away is where lies the night gem of Costa Rica! Playa Hermosa and Jaco Beach are known as the party capital of Costa Rica and not just for a single reason! There is an array of bars, nightclubs and restaurants will keep open until 5 in the morning. You can start out in Monkey bar which is known for its music and top-notch DJ. And if you want to go and have an all-out party and dance all night long there is an alfresco dancing spot too. Right across the street is La Bruja, a more of a gothic style Bar with a really cool ambiance. Banging music and hard drinks make this one among the top spots for night crawlers. Moving further to the south, you find a place called Loft, boasting a good house DJ and a higher end ambiance. Also, at last, there is a very renowned beach located within a walking distance of Hermosa Beach House. The backyard bar is another beach style bar and a haven for night crawlers.

3. La California

Nightlife in San Jose cannot be described without including the La California district! The city may be a small one but doesn't fall short on serving a banging nightlife. The list of bars starts with El Lobo Estepario, a rock bar with a lit, black atmosphere. Both the drinks and food menu are pretty affordable in here. In the two floor seating, you can easily find a spot to chill and relax. Another nightspot in this district is the El Acapulco. Alternatively, for a bit more fancy nightlife, you can head to Mercadito. All in all, this is the coolest new nightspot, so artistically designed with light blue iron-gate walls, artistic wood burned signs and gin tonics, that this place is more like a cluster of live food station and bohemian vibes!

In San Jose, it's not just about clubs and bars, which anyway the city has in hundreds, but also the theatres and performances that keep night crawlers up till late!

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