Best Places to Party in San Fracisco

Best Places to Party in San Francisco

Best Places to Party in San Francisco

Home to some of the world’s finest wine, Crimson Bridge, cable cars, gleaming bay, and elegant Victorian homes, San Francisco is truly and undeniably one of the greatest cities in the world! The city of all things outlandish, San Francisco is where great things are imagined at lunch time and achieved by dinner! Every Bay area is filled with number of cafes and restaurant, where making a decision regarding dinner is a tough grind, with so much of options at door. With a largely diverse population and distinctive neighbourhoods comes a great nightlife that gives you plenty of choice to pick from. Go for bar hopping and make new friends or simply chill in one of its many gentlemen clubs to experience its vibrant nightlife.

So as you hit the most liveable city of the States, here is a little help note to let you survive through revelling nights. Following are some of the areas of San Francisco which hosts some of the best bars and clubs in town. So visit them and paint the town red with these Top 3 places to party in San Francisco:

SoMa one of the best places for nightlife in San Francisco
1. SoMa

SoMa or South of Market is a sprawling and a rapidly changing neighbourhood of San Francisco. It is a melange of various residential buildings, hipster bars, warehouses, loft apartments, funky art spaces, and some leftover internet companies. Once known to be at the ‘wrong side’ of town, it suddenly became the centre of buzz when many internet start-ups made their way to SoMa. But now, after the dot-com crash, it is much more a sombre area with a lot of cafes and museums. Presently, the scene is such taht the industrial warehouses have also been turned into expensive condos, thus giving this chic neighbourhood a lot more residential vibe! However, the dot-com era led to SoMa being filled up with many crazy dance clubs and bars where young techies would relax after winding up. Start with 111 Minna which is a Bar, a nightclub, and an art gallery all in one. This eclectic space attracts a lively crowd every night. If you want that gothic 80’s vibe with the whole go-go cage and everything then head to Cat Club!

2. Downtown San Francisco

Also known as the Financial District, Downtown is also the city’s business centre. While the high skyscrapers dominate its skyline, the shopping paradise is located beneath them at Union Square, also known as “San Francisco’s Crown Jewel of Shopping Districts”. While the traders, bankers and lawyers are on move, tourists flock to this area to enjoy the trendy cafes, restaurants, art exhibitions, and umpteen numbers of shops! Hawthorn, a place that offers an extensive cocktail menu prepared by city’s finest mixologists, is sure to be your favourite bar across borders! Then there is Starlight Room, a definite YES! Situated above 21 floors with a magnificent city view and throbbing live music, this is one of the best live bars across the Bay area. Whatever your scene is, Union Square will cater to you providing only the best.

Downtown San Francisco one of the best places to party in San Francisco
North Beach, one of the best places to party in San Francisco
3. North Beach

Loved by everyone for its distinguished character and beauty, North Beach is rich in Italian heritage, jazz clubs, cafes and restaurants, and lots of gelato! Home to numerous cafes, restaurants, and nifty retail shops, the area is always brimming with a diverse crowd, making it one of the most happening places in the bay area. The town comes alive every night with live music, dancing, and drunk revellers spilling into the street after having one too many. The whole zone is like a carnival every night with sidewalk bars overflowing with locals and gringos. Columbus Avenue is filled with European cafe and bohemian hangouts while Broadway is a more adult oriented area. Head to Bamboo Hut for delicious and vibrant overflowing cocktails and a live music if you want to have a wild night. Or, if you are looking to have a more classic adventure, then try The Boardroom, a classical American sport bar with a southern-style menu.

So above were THE party areas which you must visit, if you are looking to have a good night or two. All you need to do is show up and the city will make sure you have the best time!