Top 3 Places to Party in Salvador

Top 3 Places to Party in Salvador

Top 3 Places to Party in Salvador

Salvador, the capital of Bahia is the ultimate party district of Brazil. Night crawlers won't lack for options to party in Salvador. Whether leading the charge with carnival celebrations or encouraging visitors to eat, drink and explore, the city's energy radiates out from its array of joints from all over. The old city center of Pelourinho hums the tunes of music, people and a vibrant mix of activities, whereas districts like Rio Vermelho and Barra exude sophistication and laid back atmosphere. City's bars seats on the street to glamorous hotel chains.

So check out the best places to party in San Salvador-

1. Pelourinho

In the evenings, the Pelourinho comes alive with music. Two of the main popular venues for concerts in this district are the Praca Quincas Berro D' Agua and the Largo Pedro Archanjo. Events here keep happening throughout the year, so you are sure to catch one of them too. After a perfect start to your night, head over to one of the bars and pubs of the district which of course, Salvador has in plenty. One of the best places is the O Cravinho, which is a mini emporium dedicated to cachaca- Brazil's national firewater, in all its flavors and infusions. The venue houses four rooms in warm wood, including a shop, bar and a Cachacaria. Another great venue is Bar Zulu. Bar Zulu is a popular expat that is located in the cobbled streets of Pelourinho. The place has an affordable and vegetable-friendly menu, the burgers here are highly recommended. The place also hosts live music and a wide range of alcoholic menu. Opposite Bar Zulu is a Tapioca Bar, another Bahian favorite. And if you are hoping for a little more sophistication then head over to Hotel Villa Bahia. If you are looking a recharge after a long day, then hop to this boutique hotel on wide Pelourinho Street, housed in two handsome colonial mansions. Here a top-rated restaurant is there to greet you and to make sure you have a good time. From Cozy bars to over the top restaurants, you will find everything in this ultimate party district of San Salvador.

2. Rio Vermelho

Rio Vermelho is the bohemian and party district of San Salvador, meaning the district is packed with hip spots to hang outs to have a gala time. Solar is a classy contemporary restaurant on a quiet street with a bar and a jazz program. The music strikes up on Thursday to Saturday evenings, while barmen whip up drinks and cocktails using Brazilian ingredients such as the Jabuticaba fruit. Just sit back and enjoy the sumptuous taste of Salvador in Solar. Another very popular place in this neighborhood is Botequim Sao Jorge. In the evenings, stormy bands fill the space up with sweet samba and locals alike take the floor up. And for all those who are a sports fan, you will be delighted to know the place houses huge screens, making it a good place to watch football and other sports. Another hip venue in the district is Commons Studio Bar. Cleverly and beautifully designed with wooden pallets for walls, you wouldn't feel like leaving the space. The venue also has a large outdoor area, usually filled with Salvador's artistic youngsters, contained with a garden. DJs and bands play banging music ranging from rock and acrobat through the night to early hours in the morning.

3. Barra

Barra neighborhood is located in the south zone of the city of Salvador. And if you want to experience a night away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a laid back scene, then this neighborhood is perfect. Beaches dominate the district of Barra including Farol da Barra and Porto da Barra and are perfect to have a great time and de-stress on the golden sands. The area is surrounded by great hotels and opulent restaurants where you can grab a bite and a pint. One of the best venues is the Pereira, a beachside bar located in the white sands of Praia do Porto. It is a bit more up-market than other bars in the area, but as a result, the wine choice is amazing. So if you want to enjoy the late hours with a view of beautiful beaches, then Barra boasts one of the best nightlife in Salvador.

San Salvador is a city that is all about music, food and fun with a nightlife that’s downright insane!

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