Top 3 Places to Party at Rotorua

Top 3 Places to Party at Rotorua

Top 3 Places to Party at Rotorua

From a place that is as dynamic as Rotorua, it would be wicked to expect anything except commotion and activity after sun down. After witnessing the erupting geysers, the spurting hot springs and exploring the mud place, people often wonder how to spend their nights in this NZ jewel. One of the premier misconceptions of the place is the lack of development in the entertainment centre trying to cover up with the natural beauty. However, this unique place has a distinctive night planned for you.

So to explore the best places options, here is the index of the best places offering you some serious sun-down activities:

1. Tauranga

Often euphemized as the 'Bay of Plenty', Tauranga, located 60 kms north from Rotorua, is perhaps one of the best options to spend your night. A sunny city, wooing you with its marine adventures including sailing, fishing or dolphin watching, Tauranga's coastal region becomes one of the most wanted after dark. For people who enjoy the company of nature and peace would be overwhelmed with the stargazing experience in the region, with dark clear skies portraying the unique celestial features. Along with this, the place hosts a number of music festivals, set against alluring backgrounds, giving you an experience to cherish for a lifetime. The best pubs and bars in the region include The Phoenix, Cornerstone Pub, Latitude 37, Geer's Gastro Bar, Astrolabe Brewbar and Marble Bar Tauranga.

2. Rotorua Central

After captivating you with its geothermal wonders, thrilling adventure opportunities, intriguing Maori villages and stunning landscapes, Rotorua Central will give you a night you will never forget! While basking in the warmth and vitality of the beautiful place, you can reece through the great shopping and dining experiences offered to the tourists. A place celebrated for its wine, you can also spend time in the region tasting and savouring the flavour of the Vin-du-pays. Apart from this, you can spend your nights in the beautiful cafes brimming with the alluring Maori culture. Some of the major bars and pubs in the region include Ponsonby Rd Lounge Bar, Lava Bar, Hennessy's Irish Bar, Craft Beer pub, Our backyard Pub, Lone Star Cafe& Bar Rotorua, Cobb & Co. Rotorua, Craft Bar And Kitchen, Bar Zazu, the Kiwi Spirit Bar, kaspers Bar, Ruck 'n Maul, Selwyn Tavern and Ngongotaha Tavern.

3. Taupo

Snuggled up against the largest lake in New Zealand, the town of Taupo is like one of those fairytale settings that you see in animated movies. A perfect setting for visitors, the major attractions in the place includes the Huka Falls, Lake Taupo, Mount Tauhara, Huka Prawn Park and lake cruises. The general chattering of life continues through the day right into the nightfall. For people who enjoy spending their nights in minimal crowd, good food and good wine, some of the best restaurants include Jolly Good Fellows, Plateau Bar, Lone Star, Victoria's Cafe Kitchen Bar, Mole & Chicken Restaurants and Lucky Lizard Tavern Bar and Grill. For revellers who can't make it without hard drinks, the best bars include Finn MacCuhal's Irish Pub, Pub n Grub Taupo, Pitch Sports Bar, Mulligans Public House, The Deck and the SALT Bar.

Though Rotorua may not provide the exact cosmopolitan party culture, the places here will offer you a connection with the natural dynamics that cannot be matched. To make sure that you make a wise choice for your nights, create a to-do list that coincides with our To-Go list above!

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