Best Places to Party in Rome

Best Places to Party in Rome

Best Places to Party in Rome

Rome puts up varied standards for nightlife in Italy, compared to its other sister towns. Of course, bars, pubs, lounges and dance clubs are spread across the city, but the city itself turns into a huge party hall offering infinite fun. With a pleasant weather for most part of the year, every plaza, every square turns into a big outdoor bar. Try a ‘Passeggiata’ (slow walk through the old town) with the locals to see and be seen.

So know more about the Roman party culture as you unwind the top 3 places to party in Rome:

1. Trastevere

This hippie neighborhood in Rome is as much Roman as international, with many restaurants, cafes and pubs offering the mandatory aperitif. Being the best nighttime destination in Rome, Trastevere incorporates the bustling Piazza Trilussa, where countless students assemble at the stairs for a tete-a-tete, besides some older clientele filling in the nightclubs around the square. You will spend most of your time scurrying between the chic boutiques and outdoor cafes. Mr. Pucci is an eccentric one-room lounge having quirky furnishings and somewhat bizarre entertainment. Then there is Ma che Siete Venuti a Fa (Meaning What the hell are you doing here!), an amusing football bar.

2. Testaccio

This area’s major clubbing district rotates around one long, winding street which is home to many Rome’s late-night locales. The nightspots in Testaccio are mostly casual and vibrant, with DJs playing everything from techno, hiphop, house, Indie rock, Tango and R&B. On the Rox is a famous after-party venue for bartenders and night hawks who hit the ground here after everything else closes down. Salotto 42 is an upscale book-bar lounge where intellectuals and politicians gather to talk literature. L’Oasi della Birra is an eminent off-license aperitivo spot, also known as the oasis of Beer, offering countless Roman and international ales.

3. Campo de Fiori

Streams of tourists head to the Fiori after dark, when the boho-urban tide of Rome changes direction. The vivacious part of the city houses over 20 bars and restaurants from every stripe. Despite so many options to party in Rome, you will find umpteen partiers flooding the outdoors and bar porches. The party begins here right after dusk and goes on till wee hours in the morning. Drunken Ship is a bar in Rome, well-flocked by British and Americans.

When the party is almost over and it’s time to get back to bedlam, Romans grab a Cornetto (Croissant) and a hot Cappuccino from one of the Cornetteries to bid the final goodbye.