Best Places to Party in Rochester

Best Places to Party in Rochester

Best Places to Party in Rochester

The nerve centre of a variety of festivals and fairs, Rochester has fiesta running in its veins! Besides umpteen parks, museums, historical sites and artisan galleries, this city also provides you with the most magical and musical night, almost unparalleled to any other major city in this part of the States. Replete with a large inventory of Bars, Clubs and private breweries, you can simply sit with a drink in your hand and a song in your ear as you spend the most splendid time in the city.

However to answer the question of what you cannot afford to miss, we have here a listing of the top 3 places to party in Rochester you must spend your time in:

1. Park Avenue

As is evident by the name, Park Avenue is a lively avenue is lined with specialty shops, small businesses of every description, and local restaurants and cafes that extend onto the sidewalks during the summer months. After the sun goes down, the density of population in Park Ave only increases to experience the festival each night. If you want to see live musical performances along with your drinks, Apogee Wine Bar and Avenue Pubs are the places to go. If food along with drinks is what you seek Roux, Cafe Sasso, Roam Cafe and Blu Wolf Bistro should be tried. And for beer-enthusiasts, the ultimate place to go is Half Pint Club.

2. Charlotte

The quintessential beach destination, Charlotte provides something for everyone; toddlers build sandcastles, music buffs enjoy outdoor concerts, and anglers cast hopefully from the pier. Speaking for things to do at night, Charlotte is a neighbourhood in Rochester where you would not run out of options. A musically active neighbourhood, there are many places where you can sit and let the enchanting notes take you away from your worries. Some of the places providing that are The Fillmore Charlotte, the Evening Muse, Visulite Theatre and PNS Music Pavilion. For bar services, the best options include Windjammers, Sundowners Inn, and Retro Lounge.

3. City Centre

This is one of the most diversely demographic areas bustling with young professionals, artisans, “empty nesters,” and college and music students- all calling City Centre, home. Centrally located this is one of the places where you can find almost all the things Rochester has to offer in one huge party hall kind of place. A venue in Rochester fraught with music down till the roots, City Centre has some amazing music venues including Flour City Station, E|R Studios, Skylark Lounge and TiLT Nightclub. So grab a beer and listen to the artists play.

One of the best places to enjoy the metropolitan nightlife, Rochester, provides a platform for the colloquial bands to reach a global level. So if music is your calling, this is the place to be!