Best Places to Party in Rio De Janeiro

Best Places to Party in Rio De Janeiro

Best Places to Party in Rio De Janeiro

The second largest city in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro has earned its fame among the tourists, thanks to its bewitching landscape, the legendary annual carnival and that laid back beach culture. This energetic city is bursting with the beauty of culture and ebbing with the deep embedded sense of history and heritage in its veins. Counted as the most visited city in the entire Southern Hemisphere, Rio is one deeply impressive and memorable experience, one that does not fail to impress anyone lucky enough to witness it!

With enough things to hold your interest during the days, the nights bring a lot more to the table! To choose the best place to spend your post-sun time, here is the list of the best neighbourhoods to party in Rio, providing you the opportunity:

1. Ipanema

Counted as one of the newest members of the neighbourhoods in Rio de Janeiro, Ipanema is home to a series of new restaurants and trendy bars. A completely new setting, you will see some of the most elite places and the dankest hipster bars in the same region catering to a wide stratum of population. Beautiful street art decorations to the well developed beach outlets, the place can provide you with many opportunities, of which you can pick the place according to your mood. Another one of the attractions in this district is the Ipanema beach, counted as the one of the best places in the south zones to surf. Some of the greatest bars here include Fasano, Bar Astor, Jack Daniel's Rock Bar, Boteco Belmonte, Casastra Bar, Bip-Bip, Barzin Rio Live, Blue Agave, Bar Bukowski and Palaphita. For people who enjoy the offbeat pub vibe, there’s Shenanigan's, the Lord Jim Pub and Emporio 37. And those trying to celebrate their love for dance, Galeria Café is one place definitely not to be missed!!

2. Lapa

If we had to choose one place to crown for the best nightlife in Rio de Janeiro, Lapa would win by a margin. Providing you with a ‘larger than life’ revelling opportunity, you will get an option to choose from a wide plethora of options from the dive bars to the glamorous elite nightclubs. To experience the full swing of the place, take a disco nap and load yourself up with coffee, to plan one unforgettable night, solo or with company, exploring the bars, clubs and pubs in a single go. To enjoy the best drinks in the region be sure not to miss Leviano Bar, Carioca da Gema, Bar do Adão, Lapa Café, Boteco da Garrafa or Rio Scenarium. If however you plan to dance your night away, the best options include Lapa 40 graus, Carioca da GemaClube dos Democráticos, Leviano Bar, Teatro Odisséia and La Paz Club.

3. Leblon

Counted as the most glamorous neighbourhood among its contenders, Leblon is unsurprisingly the home of all the elite and famous residents in Rio. Though you will realize, finding a home in the region can prove very heavy on the pocket, but one can always take a trip down the place to experience the best bars, shopping experiences and restaurants in the city. A relatively small neighbourhood, the day can be spent enjoying the natural beauty of the place, the nooks and corners of the beautiful streets leading you up to wonderful boutiques and fashion stores. While after dark, go high on booze at Academia da Cachaca, Bar Bracarense, Jobi or Boteco Belmonte. If however, dancing is what you aim, we would recommend you to try Blue Note Rio and Wood's Rio de Janeiro. For foodies, in the list the best options include Stuzzi and Melt Bar e Restaurant.

In a region where you can find a bar at every 2 minute drive and pub after every 5 minutes, to choose the best out of great, take aid from the list above.