Best Places to Party in Riga

Best Places to Party in Riga

Best Places to Party in Riga

Timelessly traditional and insanely cool- Riga is the ultimate metropolis of the Eastern Europe. Every road and rooftop is buzzing with energy; the labyrinthine cobbled streets and spectacular riverside views are enough to qualify Riga for a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Besides the old spires and medieval charm, Riga is near to every night owl’s heart for its amazing Latvian nightlife. So check out the top 3 places to party in Riga:

1. Old Town

The Old Town in Riga is a geographically and historically significant area of the Latvian capital. The whole neighborhood is built with cobblestone alleys and architectural gems. The 72 m high St. Peter’s Church Tower lets you take a bird’s eye view of the entire district. Some of the best bars and clubs in this area are set in old factories, former warehouses and music schools. Night hubs of every sort, ranging from sports club to sophisticated cocktail lounges, to retro haunts- Riga does it all! For small, local gigs and a crazy hip night, try I LOVE YOU. Then there is Orange Bar, a girls-only staff bar for young hearts right in the center of the Old Town. For a typical British Pub ambience serving Beer and Whiskey, try Dickens Pub. Casablanca, Roxy and Depo are other popular night clubs in this neighborhood.

2. Kalku Iela

This prime street is closely stationed to the Old Town, with popular spots like the House of Blackheads and St. Peter’s Church in walking distance. British bars and Irish Pubs rub shoulders with buzzing cocktail lounges and swanky bars in this up-and-coming neighborhood. The central strip of Riga is every hedonist’s dream come true. This LGBT friendly city is known for its Queens Pub, stationed in Kalku Iela. Martini, a stags’ heaven, offers everything but a dull night with its two dance floors and an exotic international food and cocktails menu. Kalku Varti is another highly popular nightclub in this district, bustling with locals and tourists alike.

3. Aristida Briana Iela

If you have had enough of Old Town bustle and look for alternate places to party until wee hours, then head on to Aristida Briana Iela. The Milk Club, a hotspot for locals and frequent travelers is a laid-back hangout for people who don’t like fancy spots. Artists, journalists, media persons, musicians and many other sorts hit the place regularly for a chat. La Rocca Nightclub is another great spot to indulge in debauchery and carousal.

Riga is a Jekyll and Hyde with an expansive history on one side and great nightlife on the other. Daugava River plays an important role in rendering Riga its regal charm, making it a perfect friends’ getaway for the summers!