Best Places to Party in Reykjavik

Best Places to Party in Reykjavik

Best Places to Party in Reykjavik

Travelers often get misled by the secluded and quiet capital of Iceland, but Reykjavik knows it well how to raise the roof for party and carousal! Cafes and bars here pose a Jekyll & Hyde character, both serve beer and coffee all day long, before they turn the buzz on and convert into dancing floors!

So if you are wondering why tourists and travel magazines are going gaga over the nightlife in Reykjavik (or Jammith as the locals say), check out these top 3 places to party in Reykjavik:

1. Laugavegur

The commercial artery of downtown Reykjavik dresses up to party after dusk, when bacchanals replace the shoppers and coffee drinkers turn into boozehounds. Kaffibarinn, Reykjavik’s coolest club, an old house with a London Underground symbol over the door, is mostly packed to capacity with musicians and hippies. For queens, there Kiki, an ostensible place to shake your booty on pop and electronica. The sweeping Mediterranean style décor and an outdoor patio at Café Oliver makes it another hot destination for party hunters.

2. Hverfisgata

This street runs parallel to the main street of Laugavegur. Earlier a ghetto to this geothermal capital, Hverfisgata has now smartened up after its facelift with trendy restros and shopping arenas. Celtic Cross, the Irish pub that brings you multiple beers on tap is ideal for game watchers, thanks to its big TV screen. Then there is Bar 101, posing a snob factor with its wealthiest jet set clientele. Hverfisbarinn is a haven for weekday partiers who are too much into live music; the place goes insane on Thursdays from 9pm to 11.30pm! Bar 11, another insanely popular rock playing, old-school bikers’ bar is ideal for people who aren’t much into dressing up or dancing.

3. Austurstraeti

Austurstraeti is another trending shopping and nightlife location in Reykjavik. Earlier a ‘back street’, Austurstraeti turned the limelight to itself only a few decades back. The place is replete with clubs and bars, but Austur outstands them all with its international charm and gorgeous interiors. It’s a party place for fancy pants who love to party in style. Then there’s American Bar, typical to its name with students partying on the latest MTV tunes. For veteran tasters, The English Pub offers over 35 brands of Whiskey and Beer, along with a bunch of big screens and TVs to grab a Soccer match.

After you’ve ‘been there and done that’, join the epic Runtur Pub Crawl that reaches its zenith between 2am and 5 am! Skimpily dressed eye candies line up at the craziest bars, no matter how chilling the weather! If hunger pangs take over at wee hours, grab a hot dog from one of the many food trucks roaming around.