Top 3 Places to Party in Quito

Top 3 Places to Party in Quito

Top 3 Places to Party in Quito

Quito, the Andean capital city of Ecuador, is a perfect blend of modern hustle and traditional customs. Being a cultural clump of large and small venues, theatres and cinemas, things to see in Quito are abundant not only for tourists to Ecuador who are on their way to the Galapagos, but also for the weekenders.

Nightlife in Quito could be best described as a mix of art, food, drinks and music. Once the sun goes down in Quito, you will able to explore a different side of this city that’s fun, hippy and musical. Quito travel offers a range of activities for visitors and locals, having a relatively important performing arts scene and theatres located all over the place. Be it the artistic vibe of Old town or the hippy charm of La Foresta, nights in Quito will surely find a way to please you! Check out the best areas to party in Quito:

1. La Mariscal

It wouldn't be wrong to say that the area La Mariscal is the focal point of Quito's nightlife as the area boasts some of the steamiest clubs and bars of the city. One of the integral zones of the La Mariscal's nightlife is the Plaza Foch, one that owns an array of bars and clubs, let alone the whole district! A favorite among expats in this square is the Bungalow 6, the heart of Mariscal that features everything from Latin music to International hits. There is foosball, pool tables and a lounge area; everything just perfect for night owls. And what’s more perfect is the food including mouth watering burgers and chicken wings. Another place called Baalbek, a Lebanese restaurant, offers belly dancing performances on Thursdays which are scheduled with their other activities. Other than that, Plaza Foch has more options of bars such as BBQ Co., Azua Beach, Coffee tree, Strawberry Fields etc. Hosting regular free live music and cultural events, rock concerts and jazz groups, it's the main location for August's Quito Blues Festival. Besides all this, you will find one of the trendiest bars called Dirty Sanchez that is known for its art and hard drinking.

2. La Ronda

Nightlife in La Ronda, the heart of the country, can be discovered in exciting night walks through spots in Old Town. The streets in La Ronda are full of colonial spirit that brings fun and memories to its visitors. There is an array of options for a night out in Quito here, including bars, karaoke, restaurants and stores with live music and street artists. In this area, just keep walking and the streets and plazas will guide you to places such as Plaza de la Independencia, the San Francisco church, La Basilica, and many more monuments covered in lights, history, and romanticism. To entertain yourself, head to the most renowned theatres of Quito where magic comes to life, like Teatro Mexico, Teatro Sucre, and Casa de Cultura. Taking up the cultural options like music for a night out in Quito would be a great choice, especially if you listen to the Symphony Orchestra in Casa de la Musica. But if you are still a party animal, you can choose to hang out in places such as Café Libro and Teatro Sucre, which hosts jazz and rock & roll music and serves a good variety of liquor. La Ronda adds a cultural and artistic twist to the nightlife of Quito and is worth a try!

3. La Foresta

La Foresta is a hip neighborhood and forms an integral part of Quito's nightlife. With numerous clubs and bars, the area also is home to some of the best theatres in Quito. In this neighborhood in Quito, there is a really interesting movie theater called "Ocho y Medio", where you can watch the most recommended Latin American movies, Vary Footages. Going ahead in the La Foresta Quarter, you discover all kind of bars like Pobre Diablo and House of Rock, where you get to enjoy contemporary performances including jazz, bolero, and also witness the majestic entrances with a good drink. Besides, there are infinite sumptuous delicacies in La Choza and Lo Nuestro, and if you are looking for a delicious grilled meat or barbeque, head to places such as El Foggon Parillada and Botafogo. The La Foresta district is all about fun and food and has something for everyone!

The city of Quito doesn’t fall back to serve a banging nightlife in nearly every aspect! Disfrutar!!!

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