Best Places to Party in Porto

Best Places to Party in Porto

Best Places To Party in Porto

Built on the banks of the Douro River, the Portuguese jewel called Porto enchants travelers with its enriching history, delicious food & wine and fascinating locals. Known for its world-famous wine, Porto boasts multiple gigantic vineyards crowned over the hills at the edge of Douro River. Take a stroll through the narrow, cobbled streets along the oldest district, the Ribeira District, a neighbourhood filled with ancient houses and several family owned cafes and restaurants, places that are sure to give you the best local experience. Or maybe head to the majestic plazas of the Avenida dos Aliados to get a dose of grandeur that still exists in Porto. This town boasts of a vibrant nightlife for everyone with any preferences. From hip clubs to late night restaurants, there is plenty to go around and most of them are open till sunrise!

Flip the coin! And you will experience always bustling, lively and liberal nightlife of Porto!! Porto’s nightlife is long and varied and the fact that it caters to different age groups makes it as vibrant and striking as the daytime attractions. The bars and clubs are obviously worth spending a night in, but also nightlife here is enjoyed alfresco, in streets talking and drinking. But here’s an advice for all party folks out there, Portuguese people like to kick start their party after 11:30 pm, so if you arrive early you may find the spots a bit empty. Try these top 3 places to party in Porto and you won’t be disappointed!

1. Ribeira

The district is known for its lively and musical nights with charming and authentic bars. The area serves some of the best bars and clubs and best live music in the city. Starting with Breyner85, a mandatory visit that boasts a garden terrace to throw your hands up and groove with music. And heard something like a library cum bar? No! Well then look yourself in the Café Candelabro with a pleasant music and an entire wall covered in artistic photos with some passé bookshelves! Nights in Ribeira is not just about being within the walls, take a moment to spend some time by the Duoro river to watch a lit up mesmerizing views of the bridge and hangout in some local restaurants and bars by the river.

2. Galerias Paris

This street is a significant part of Porto’s nightlife. There are bars and clubs at a stretch throughout the entire street, but to feel the ultimate vibe, it is preferable to grab a drink outside while strolling from one place to another. If you are an extrovert the street is just apt on weekends, it is insanely full of people! So just grab a Port Wine and make friends with locals to take some friendships as your sovereigns! Porto is known and popular among tourists due to the taste of its wine. Some of the best bars to visit there are- Casa Do Livro Bar and La Boheme Bar and Tapas.

3. Dom Louis I bridge

Climb the bridge and you get a picturesque view of Porto and Vila Nova De Gaia from the top. It’s the best place to roam around in evenings and to have a brisk romantic walk with your partner. On the right of the bridge, you get the view of the River Ribeira and across that, the view of port wine lodges. Not only of the tourists, it is also favorite of the local crowd. At the end of the bridge, after walking for some time, you find a good variety of bars to choose from. The nights in Porto are worth living for and in warm months (especially during the weekends), the streets are crowded with people either breathing the fresh air or deciding their next stop. The streets get lively on midnights. So, don’t be disappointed if you find it empty in the daylight. These are the best places to drink and dance for busy daylights, chilled out evenings and sleepless nights.

Porto is extremely photogenic and worth making memories for a lifetime! So don’t forget to pack your shutterbug with you!