Top 3 Places to Party in Phuket

Top 3 Places to Party in Phuket

Top 3 Places to Party in Phuket

Phuket, the reveling isle of the global party capital, Thailand, is all about losing yourself in debauchery and decadence! With a reputation of being Asia’s topmost party islands hosting countless Cabaret shows, discos, live bands and international DJs, the island has everything that would makes Phuket’s party scene famous all throughout the world!

It’s a tough grind to decide where to party in Phuket, when everywhere your gaze goes seems to be a party! So, to ease your confusion, we have listed down some of the best places to dance and drink your night out! Check out these best areas to party in Phuket:

1. Patong Beach

Patong is the largest and most popular beach on the island and holds a reputation for being a party resort, which is also why Patong is one of the best areas to party in Phuket. Best known as Asia's premier party destination, Patong holds the densest concentration of bars and clubs of Phuket. Bangla Street being the showstopper of nights in Patong, almost all bars are outdoor in character here. Soi Sea Dragon bar is one such place with a line of beer bars right in the middle of a covered street. Notable venues here are Exotica, Two Brothers, Crow's Nest, Mickey Mouse. Another place is the Seduction complex, which is the largest night hotspot in Patong beach. Enjoy an after-dinner drink at the terrace and then head to the Seduction nightclub to dance all night long. And if you are one who would like to enjoy a cabaret show, than do not miss the Simon cabaret show theatre in Patong, an entertaining movie house with shimmering and glittering live performances. And one thing that should be on the bucket list for every night crawler in Patong is the Illusion show and Discotheque, featuring 3 main areas- a dance floor, a VIP lounge, and a huge balcony. The club hosts great EDM and hip-hop tracks on the first class sound systems and is one of the most popular nightclubs in Phuket. Basically, Patong doesn't need much introduction about the being the best party spot in Phuket, once you are there, the beach will speak for itself!

2. Kata beach

As iconically beautiful as the beach is, more beautiful and splendid it gets after dark! The Kata Beach boasts a laid-back nightlife and also the predictable banging party scene that people come for to Thailand. One of the most stunning destinations is the After Beach Bar. Serving the best food, beer, and views, the place is great to kick start your night. Another amazing and delightful place is the Heaven Restaurant and Bar with breathtaking views of Andaman Sea, serving the best local seafood delicacies. This place is great for those seeking perfect dinner spots and preferring to start their evening with a splendid sunset. One of the unique places in Phuket is the Surf House Phuket, which is every surfer's dream. This is a place where you can ride the waves all day and all night. Apart from the pool area, there are trendy café and restaurants on the side with cool tracks and decorative themes. Besides all the peace and tranquil, there are many nightclubs where it's just about dancing and drinking the night. Sky Bar and 4U nightclub, Robert's Pub, Rekata beach Club are some such examples.

3. Bangtao

Bangtao is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Phuket, with a nightlife scene as lit as Patong and Kata. From stylish beach bars to popular and friendly clubs pubs, nightlife in Bangtao is always fun! One of the best places to relax and unwind are Dream Beach Club, a stylish, laid-back place to relax and party in Layan Beach. The club features two swimming pools, 4 bars, and over 100 comfortable sun loungers, making the Dream Beach Club one of the best spots to party, eat, drink or relax! Another heart stealer of Bangtao is the Catch beach club, a high-quality bar, restaurant, and lounge spot. With a splendid beachfront location, excellent food, great music, and drinks, this is one of the top spots to chill out. There are also many other options in the district if you want to grab a bottle of beer and just relax, at places like Peppers sports bar, Xana Beach club, Bluestem Beach club, Ma-kin Market and many more.

The island is a heavenly destination in the day time and a hippy and banging destination after sundown!

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