Top 3 Places to Party in Philadelphia

Top 3 Places to Party in Philadelphia

Top 3 Places to Party in Philadelphia

Pennsylvania's largest city, Philly has much to offer when it comes to America's history. But the city also is known for its banding and widespread nightlife. This tourist spot in Pennsylvania is packed with lots of nightspots including clubs, bars, root tops, and live venues. Philly's neighborhoods have its own arrangement of craft beer bars, intimate music venues, and annual festivals. And around every neighborhood is filled with banging spots to enjoy the nightlife in Philadelphia. And that is why you just need to find the right neighborhood instead of the right spot.

So to experience the best party scene in Pennsylvania, check out the best areas to party in Philadelphia:

1. Fish town

The Fish town district in Philadelphia is an incredible area for everything that you can possibly do on a night out! From live music venues to bars and clubs, the district is home to numerous night venues. EL Camino brings you the taco and margarita experience with picnic table sidewalk existing outdoors. The spot is very popular among the locals. Another venue that is dedicated to all those who love indie rock music, the place is Johnny Brenda's The venue, a multilevel bar with live music and a great menu offered to visitors. They also have an upstairs balcony for all those who love an alfresco setting. And this is just the beginning in this district! Walk through Frankford Avenue to the Frankford Hall, which is one of the best places in Philadelphia. The German beer garden offers a pint of draft beers in a picnic table covered courtyard. This spot is always packed with people playing foosball, ping pong or life-sized Jenga! Another great venue is the Kung Fu Necktie, which is another Fish town music menu. The venue is a bar as well with a friendly atmosphere hosting a lot of music, dance and eclectic crowd.

2. South Street

This street and its surrounding district are known for its rowdy crowd and vibrant atmosphere. And here, you get to see everything from high-end cocktail bars, outdoor spaces, and late nightspots where you could party all night. Bob and Barbara's take the lead when you are up to party hard during nights. This night spot hosts an in-house jazz band and drag shows on Thursday nights. Dance here on popular tracks among locals and enjoy some really affordable cheap thrills! Another great spot is the Twisted Tail, a bourbon and whiskey bar. They also music upstairs and hosts Happy hour serving six cocktail specials. For extensive global wine menu and flavorful sumptuous appetites, head to Jet Wine Bar. The Mediterranean style is great for outings with friends or you intimate special one. But if you are looking for fun, they offer quality cocktails and also at very affordable prices. Another great place in this district is the Grace Tavern. This venue is inspired by 1930s architecture, making its vintage and very sophisticated space. The venue is located in a quiet area giving it a much laid back feel. Their menu includes tasty items such as blackened green beans and also a great menu of drinks. The district is home to other venues as well such as REX 1516, The Cambridge, The Sidecar Bar, PHS Pop Up and the Good King Tavern.

3. Old City

The Old City is one of the best areas to party in Philadelphia with numerous taverns and inns that are populated on the busy streets. Some of the taverns are old ones, while some are the modern watering holes. Start off your night at the Eulogy Belgian Tavern, where you will find 400 international and domestic bottled beers, plus 30 draught beers. The venue is a dream for every beer lover. For a brave few, the bar also features a coffin room where tables are placed in a small dark room and are made old empty coffins. And if you want to dance your heart out, head over to ConCourse, an underground dance bar focusing on great music and good vibes. The highlight is the 20 person ball pit which takes back its visitors to their youth time. Another great venue is the JJ Bootleggers, one of the first moonshine themed restaurants in Pennsylvania. With different types of cocktails, menu and dart tables or pool on the upstairs, the venue is great to party in Philadelphia.

With more party spots that you can count, Philly is a dream place for party owls in Pennsylvania!

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