Top 3 Places to Party in Pattaya

Top 3 Places to Party in Pattaya

Top 3 Places to Party in Pattaya

A city built around Ao Pattaya, Pattaya has derived it moniker from "Thap Phraya", roughly translated to Army of the Phraya which is commemoration of the surrender of Nai Klom's army to that of Phraya Tak. Not only known as the first beach resort that Thailand houses, Pattaya is also known around the world for its entertainment, shopping and nightlife. Along with that you witness a broad selection of pass times including almost everything from golf to bungee jumping to carting and shooting, plus a wide collection of water sports including scuba diving, jet skiing, sailing, water skiing, kite surfing and windsurfing. Earning its reputation as the sex capital of Thailand, you will find hundreds of beer bars, go-go clubs and massage parlours in the vicinity. With enormous tour groups hurrying through the town in almost a constant stream throughout the year, there is plenty in the region to occupy your day.

To help you enjoy your nights, as much as you adore your days, here is a list of everything you can plan in the region. So, take out your notepad and make notes as we take you through the virtual trip of nightlife in Pattaya:

1. Central Pattaya Beach

Lined with a number of hotels, bars and shops right along with its 3kms length, Central Pattaya is one of the best destinations to be in close proximity of both the beach and the nightlife. The day witnesses a large number of people that are drawn towards its beautiful beaches and of course, the massive Central Festival Pattaya Beach shopping and entertainment complex. Along with the local taverns, the place has now upgraded and turned up establishing more joints to cater to a wider range of tastes. Some of the major nightclubs in the region include Kitten Club Pattaya Night Club Bar AGoGo, Club Insomnia, 808 Night Club, The Nashaa Club, Windmill Club Agogo Bar Pattaya, Sugar Shack Bar, Annabelle's Agogo Bar Pattaya, Flexx Club, Flirt Pattaya Nightlife, Hard Rock Cafe, Penthouse Hotel, Coast Beach Club & Bistro Pattaya, Mixx Night Club, Marine Disco and The Pier Pattaya.

2. Pattaya's Walking Street

Though fairly quiet during the day time, as soon as the sun sets, Walking Street morphs into Pattaya's undisputed number one nightlife hotspot. As soon as the clock points towards the 7 o' clock in the evening, this stretch of this 1 km beach becomes ablaze with neon light as hundreds of business signs switching on and the music emanating out of its countless bars. An integral part of the nightlife is the sexy shows; there is a wide plethora of go-go dancing bars being its biggest draw card. However, the one part worth noticing about the place is if you don’t want to venture down that road there are still many alternative venues to cater to people including restaurants, live music bars and discos. Some of the famous disco clubs include Tony Disco, Lucifer disko club, Moulin Rouge Club, Heaven above Pattaya, Rock Street, SweetHearts A GoGo, Public House, and Movida Club Co. Ltd.

3. Pattaya Beach

Despite being very near to the city's main district, the scenery is not too inspiring and arguably, Pattaya Beach will be no less than the rest of Pattaya's urbanised areas. However, when it comes to nightlife, the place still does have something to contribute to the part in the case. In that case, along with a few bars along the Second Road and restaurants in the region, there is not much else you can expect in the neighbourhood. Some of the famous restaurants and clubs include Access Inn Pattaya, Central Festival Pattaya Beach, Club iBar and Clean Karaoke.

Party is the middle name to Pattaya, where you are basically launched in a pool of amazing night spots. So take your pick and party hard!

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