Best Places to Party in Panama City

Best Places to Party in Panama City

Best Places to Party in Panama City

Relentlessly urban with its traffic chaos, infinite casinos stacked between construction sites and a skyline of shimmering glass, coupled with a beach vibe that boasts some of the most happening Caribbean and Pacific getaways, Panama City is all things fun! There are plenty of things to do in here, beaches and historical strolls during the day time and dancing to the tunes of music pouring out of speakers. With Panamanians having a good way to party their heart out, there are some secret spots where you can stay for as long as you want.

With the Peninsula of Casco Viejo becoming a thriving district in terms of party and debauchery, there is a lot to unwind after sun-down in the city. So, try these coolest neighbourhoods to choose for a full jam packed party in Panama City:

1. Casco Viejo

Over the recent years, Casco Viejo has become the new epicentre of late night parties. It comes alive in the late hours and goes on picking momentum as you try some bar hopping; yes, try going to different bars/clubs and get wasted with booze so affordable! But for this you need a pass; you can get yours online. The most happening one is: 360 Rooftop. As the name suggests, it gives you a 360-degree view of the magnetic city. Jeronimo, a classy night spot rendering the exact sophistication level you need, caters mostly to art lovers and ones with an eccentric party choice. The others to name are Casa Casco, Danilo Perez Jazz Bar and Barlovento.

2. El Cangrejo

Featuring all major spots within a comfortable walking distance, El Cangrejo is the perfect spot for millennials. It has plenty of choices on your cards to choose from. Eleven, a contemporary bar offering pretty delicious food menu, an excellent ambience and of course a good menu serving all sorts of cocktails and mocktails. Pava Real is most favourite amongst locals, and when locals love it, you’re gonna love it too! For a go to sing-your-heart-out place, you’ll need a Karaoke without being judged, and El Cangrejo hosts the most amazing Karaoke Bar for it.

3. Costa Del Este

Cocktaila, dazzling wines, shimmering water, mimosas or beer, Costa Del Este is a chic area that serves all kinds of booze possible! One of the most expensive areas hosting all the major fancy clubs and exquisite hotels, Costa Del Este is a quite safe place to hang out in at late hours. Few of the clubs have insane ladies’ night, especially on Thursdays. Los Anos Locos, La Rana Dorada, Casa Bruja, Istmo Brew Pub, Relic, Blarney Stone are few amongst the top clubs to name. the only loophole in the perky vibe of this neighbourhood in Panama City is its high amount of traffic!

When the sun goes down in Panama City, you don’t go to your bed and sleep. Just make the most of your vacay and try these first-rate nightlife spots to evoke your party animal. Happy Partying!