Best Places to Party in Nice

Best Places to Party in Nice

Best Places To Party in Nice

Nice, a cosmopolitan city of France, has a lot of action going on from sun-down to sun-up. Countless beach clubs, bars, wine houses and pubs sprawl across the city, offering everything from a fancy cocktail to the forbidden drink. Live bands, trivia nights, sports coverage, besides a large number of Irish and English Pubs- it’s all here in Nice!

So note down these top 3 places to party in Nice before you begin your Euro-trip:

1. Promenade des Anglais

This dreamy neighborhood has such a magical atmosphere; a mere evening walk in this warm and calm locality would seize your day. Streetlights make this place look like a necklace to the sea. And for further action besides walking, there’s abundant to do here. All the glamorous and glitzy nightclubs rest in Promenade des Anglais, besides the authentic Burlesque and Old-school Cabaret type shows. 3 Diablos, an ultimate destination for unpretentious clubbing holds many theme nights, jager bombs and live music. L’Ambassade, another classy hideout invites the most beautiful and elite clientele of Nice. The legendary Hotel Negresco boasts an elegant bar and a wonderful brassiere for the opulent.

2. Cours Saleya

The alfresco bars lined up on the streets of Cours Saleya lap up the best party spirit in Nice. The affluent Opera House covers up the entire block, boasting some lovely Belle Epoque architecture. There are several bars and pubs juxtaposed to the Opera House where opera-fans enjoy a pre-performance cocktail. Mostly, the night scene in Cours Saleya comes to life after the stalls and shops close down for the day. Dance on the table to raucous bands at Wayne’s, or try non-stop dancing to excellent house tunes at Bliss. Hi Beach Bar has many prominent DJs spinning insane beats to get your booty shaking.

3. Place Massena

Place Massena, the largest square in Vieux Nice, has the greatest cultural offerings with evenings beginning at some random café, then taking on in a restaurant or movie and finally winding up at a club. It is almost at a stone’s throw from both Cours Saleya and Promenade des Anglais. The nights are beautiful in this district, with lights illuminating the gorgeous buildings and fountain. Above all, the fact that it is all-pedestrian with historic trams flowing here and there makes it all the more lively and accessible. Place Massena hosts parties all over the week, with weekends holding special themed parties hosted by the best EDM DJs. Visit Checkpoint Pub or the Shadow Bar to have a crazy clubbing experience!

To spend your after sun hours diving in the real flavour of the Manchester pride, be sure to choose your destinations from the neighbourhoods mentioned above!