Top 3 Places to Party in Naples

Top 3 Places to Party in Naples

Top 3 Places to Party in Naples

The city of Naples is an ancient drama in the day that turns into one of the best party hubs of Europe in the night. You don't need to find an excellent neighborhood to party in Naples, since almost every neighborhood is filled with bars and clubs, serving not just the best drinks but also delicious food!

Naples is a great example to prove that nightlife isn't just about loud music and beers, but also about good gastronomy and great performances. So just start wandering, and find a perfect place to spend the night in this beautiful city. Some of the best neighborhoods to party in Naples are:

1. Centro Storico

Centro Storico lies in the heart of the city and is the nerve centre of the nightlife of Naples. There are many areas that you could pick from to party till wee hours. Being close to the university, this place is the best nightlife neighborhood of Naples, especially for the youth crowd of the city. The area called Barrett, which means Little bars, exhibits a lot of lounge bars where you can have a gala time with your friends. One of the best places to hang out in here is the Galleria 19; with a beautiful ambiance of red and golden, it is sure to win your hearts! Nearby is the Palazzo Venezia Napoli, which is another great place to spend your night in. It has a tranquil secret garden to itself and serves some best drinks in the town. Some more places to choose from are Shanti Art Music bar, Old Town Wine and Bar 24 Napoli. For opera lovers, Teatro di San Carlo is a must thing to visit. This is one of the most important and oldest theatres in Europe and presents a prestigious series of Opera and dance performance every season. Enjoy an evening stroll through the glass walls of Galleria Umberto. You can even choose to stop at one of the most elegant cafes, Gambrinus, and then maybe attend a concert or any other live performance in the theatre.

2. Chaia

This area is located in the Old Town of the city but paradoxically, boasts a very modern nightlife. It starts teeming around 8 pm in the Chaia area and keeps on entertaining its visitors throughout the night! Finally, the area gets packed up with overloaded clubs and bars, which is why it’s one of the best districts to party in Naples. 66 Fusion Bar is a great choice to make in this area. This night club is found on a little street, and is great for a pre-dinner aperitif or maybe a pre-club cocktail. Providing a laid-back atmosphere, 66 Fusion Bar draws a trendy clientele. Within a walking distance of 66 Fusion Bar, you reach a place called Ennoteca Belledone, which is known for its finest local wines. The charcuterie and toasted Crostini topped with Aubergines and peppers make a fine match for the wine! And if you wish to give your night a romantic take, you can head up to the Chaia Riviera, where you get to indulge in the mesmerizing sea views, besides coming across numerous lounge bars and cafes to eat and spend some time with your friends!

3. Campi Flegrei

This place lies a bit on the outskirts of Naples. Technically called Corso Umberto, this neighborhood lies along the waterfront of Naples and has a dozen bars. Let's start off with Druid's, which is a decent Irish pub near the port of Pozzuoli, and is known for its delicious Cheese steak and Italian cuisine. This pub in Naples is much popular among Americans, and is a pure example that nightlife doesn’t only define dancing and drinking. Down the street, you come across a pub/ café by the name Deja Vu, which has a chill atmosphere and is popular among expats and locals alike. Roof and Sky is a great way to experience different things in a single night. It is a houseboat on Lago Miseno and is a great spot to enjoy and unwind some pleasant views of the shore. And obviously, you could always use some time to introspect by the promenade or maybe stroll with your pals with a beer in your hand. All in all, this area showcases that nightlife in Naples is not just about clubs and bars.

In this city of Naples, you will to experience a nightlife that you never have experienced before.

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