Top 3 Places to Party in Nadi

Top 3 Places to Party in Nadi

Top 3 Places to Party in Nadi

Fiji’s sugar district, Nadi has a lot more to unravel than just the sugar fields! Boasting a nightlife that you might be surprised to know about, party in Nadi revolves around resort bars that don’t seem so extravagant with happy hours running from 6 to 8 pm. You won't find many nightclubs and bars lining up the streets, but some of the selected areas and beaches host a vibrant party scene in Nadi.

To immerse yourself in the late hours of Nadi, you can head to Martintar, the nightlife center of the island that hosts some of the best bars and clubs of the aisle and is popular among locals. Then there is Denarau, just 6km away from the district and boats a pretty cool party scene. Alternatively, islands and beaches like Wailoaloa host a nightlife that revolves around resorts and luxury hotels. Traditional dance shows are held at several resorts and usually are free to watch.
Check out the best places to party in Nadi:

1. Martintar district

Martintar district, Nadi's nightlife center, is perfect to immerse yourself in the sundown hours of Nadi. As a matter of fact, this is probably the only part in Nadi which has a handful of clubs and bars and can be referred to as a nightlife area in Nadi. The most civilized nightclub of the region is the Hamburger bar, which is located on the North Press road just off the Queen's road. The nightclub boats a big screen sports TV, billiard tables and an amazing DJ rendering great bass for the dance floor, and is overall the perfect place for people who want to spend their nights dancing. Another nightspot is the Bounty Bar and Restaurant that draws many expatriates. The bar hosts live music on weekend nights and also is known for its great food and drinks. And one of the very popular spots of the city is the Ed's Bar., which boasts a sleek modern interior and atmospheric mood lightening. With a spacious outdoor balcony as well as an indoor dance floor as well, whether you want to a dance or sit back and relax the place is great for night crawlers and also it keeps open until 4 am in the morning. Another famous club in Nadi is the Ice bar, highly recommended by locals and is a great spot for cheap beer and friendly crew. The bar also boasts pool tables and occasional live music and draws locals and social animals. Watch out for space as the tables outside fill by early evening.

2. Denarau beach

Nightlife on Denarau beach revolves around quite exotic bars and resorts. One of the bars is the Chime bar, which is situated in the Sheraton Fiji Resort. The chic spot is perfect for sampling their cocktail menu and offers alluring lounge setting, a spacious dance floor along with live entertainment. Happy hours are offered from 6 to 8 pm where guests get a discounted price on selected cocktails, local beers, and house spirits.
Another spot on The Denarau Island is the Rhumba bar. The place is very popular among tourists and why not! The bar has a high-end restaurant, bar, and social club. Located on the waterfront with expansive views over port Denarau, the bar has an excellent selection of wines and cocktails and is the only one to have a lion Breweries premium beer and Steinlager Pure on tap. Another spot on the very same island is the Cardo's Steakhouse and Cocktail bar, that is both a restaurant and cocktail bar that has been operating on the island for 25 years. This open-air cocktail bar is a major spot to chill and hang out with an array of drinks. There is also a beer garden where visitors can lay down and drink cozily. The Denarau Island has numerous party spots and has to be included when talked about Nadi's nightlife.

3. Wailoaloa beach

The beach does not have a very predictable nightlife. But all those who are looking for some peaceful moments of zen can choose the district. Nightlife on this peninsula revolves around resorts and hotels that the peninsula owns. So you can hit the bars and clubs in the resorts of the beaches. If you are not much into partying, then long strolls on the beach never go wrong.

Party in Nadi may not match those reveling atolls across the planet, but nevertheless manage to keep you up and entertained!

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