Best Places to Party in Mykonos

Best Places to Party in Mykonos

Best Places to Party in Mykonos

Talk about Mykonos, the immediate picture that pops up in the head is one of bright white buildings, turquoise skies and tanned bodies lining golden sandy beaches. Counted as the most popular Greek Island, the sea is treasure chest of energy and plays magnet to a diverse and upscale crowd thriving on the sole island's nightlife. During the day there is a little peace and privacy which can be found in the northern beaches, but as we move towards the southern counterparts, the party goes 24/7! The excitement menu includes Ski, jet-ski, windsurf, horseback ride, parasail and party.

Here is a rundown of the top 3 places to party in Mykonos including beaches, music and wind with a drink in your hands. While choosing how to spend your night, give this a read:

1. Chora

The capital is the focal point of the wild and crazy nightlife. Clubs and Bars in the have an exciting party atmosphere that suits all tastes. Running all night, these are some of the busiest nightlife spots filled up to the brim with young tourists and locals. The main square and the picturesque alley in the town is a place offering endless dance fun with modern dance hits and upbeat music. There is a wide variety of clubs and pubs including Jackie O', 4711, Lotus, Alley Bar, Alegro Restaurant and Vinos. If you enjoy noise in your nightlife, this is the place for you.

2. Ano Mera

Nestled in the heart of Mykonos, Ano Mera is the only other real town in the region. However due to the lack of the view of the ocean, this place is comparatively less crowded. Though the main concentration is on intricate architecture, the city is not devoid of the nightlife altogether, just a little quieter. Some of the most famous bars and cafes include Ntekoto, Jackie O' Mykonos, Old Customs Cafe, The Dublin and Elysium Hotel Bar.

3. Paradise Beach

If you want to hit the beach while enjoying a party, a trip to the southern coast and Paradise beach will kill two stones. Soft sandy beaches, azure coloured seas and a rowdy atmosphere, Paradise today stands as one of the most developed and area attracting a lot of tourists and native dwellers. A strip of resort hotels, restaurants and the famous carousing spots house the popular Tropicana Beach Bar and Cavo Paradiso Club. However if you're not fond of built up beaches, this area still has you covered. The Super Paradise beach, though lacks many amenities is the party scenes while attracting a large flocks of the Mykonos' LGBT community.

So people make an informed choice about your nights in the city. Whether it is the beaches that attract you or the concrete miracles, Mykonos swears to never let you down! Drink hard, party harder!